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Available languages: English, 日本語, 中文, Português

A visual novel about gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love. 


  • harold they're lesbians*
  • 3-4 hours long
  • memes

The game is free, but you can support me by buying the bonus art PDF for $5! It's 30 pages of me rambling + extra sketches, many of which have never been posted anywhere else.

*except not really, one of them is bi


tw for brief written depictions of parental emotional+physical abuse (no visuals), ableist slurs


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WTF I wasn't expecting to be laughing like a whale !!!!! THIS GAME i swear...  Loved it


Is it weird when a straight white boy plays this game and really loves it? 

Your playthrough of the game is hilarious. You tend to go off on tangents tho. 

Thank you kindly! I tend to tell a lot of stories during the streams regardless of the game being played. Took even this relatively short game several days of streaming to get through for that reason. I think everyone watching still got the full experience though and some new people were introduced to this amazing game. 

Deleted post

I love this game so much. My only complaint is that it's not long enough.


The storyline is pretty bland. I was expecting a bit less conversation about sexuality. You don't really see in "straight stories" straight people going "OMG! I'm so straight. Let me talk about being straight. I like this because I'm straight. Heterosexuality goals!!"


let me know when and where people get tortured and murdered for being straight and therefore talking about being straight after a life of discrimination in that alternate scenario where it's actively silenced is an act of rebellion. cause let me tell ya if people actively tried to destroy a part of you and suddenly you were finally able to find a place where it might be okay to be yourself, and you were surrounded by people just like you, you'd make up for all that time you spent hiding yourself.

to be fair straight people talk about being straight all the time anyways, pretty sure that's 90% of straight romance novels


Funny how you automatically assume I'm straight for preferring less homosexuality talk in the story. You think equality is ignorance and it shows. 💀


hell yes fellow supporter of equality! lets band together! time to put more gay talk in to make up for all that straight shit i had to see as a kid


I'm glad the story was very outward in regards to sexuality.  I don't see many stories like this.  I'm sure there's quite a few out there, but compared to everything else, there's not enough in my opinion.

I respect that.


Gay for Min 10/10 would play again


Best game ever and that's a fact!!! <3 My heart can't take how cute this game is. <3

Did a few youtube videos about this game and i really enjoyed it but im still confused about 1 thing, what was noelle's sexual orientation?

the creator confirmed that noelle is a lesbian in one of the answered asks on her tumblr

hey so i saw the background and i love it, but im curious as to how u got the backgrounds to look like that? im working on a visual novel mysel and i struggle with backgrounds, i feel this could be a good learning opportunity!


the cutest game ever! I love it so much

This visual novel has multiple endings based on the decisions you've made?

also: Everytime I make a new game, it chooses Diya, why this happens?


There's only one ending! It starts with Diya every time, it has a set storyline it follows


Oh, thank you.


Very. Cute. Art. Style. ^^


For those unaware (as I was, and seems many of the other commenters), she is working on a sequel! :D I can't wait, this game was so so so adorable!

OMG!!! do u know a bit abt what it might be about? is it still following Diya and them? or  anew group of ppl?

it'll be following the same baseball team, maybe a few new characters or something, i'm not sure.  i've seen brianna discuss some things she wants to include in the sequel related to the main characters, so i know they're definitely relevant!! i'm so excited :'D

Yeah, I'm excited! It'll continue with the team. The story originally was going to be all one game, but she realized it was way too much to handle at once (and didn't expect the huge positive reception), so split it into two (and moved some stuff around to fit).






I finished this is one sitting, and I have to say; it was amazing. From the memes to that good good Diamond ;) 

Will you ever be creating any after stories or perhaps writing anything similar to this? I know I'm not the only one who'd be here for it. 

Thank you so much for creating something so amazing!


I finish the game (snif) and It was amazing, I'm not English (I'm french lul ._.) but it was the most funnier game ever xD 

And I loves the characters :o There are so interessing ! :3

Soooo, it's just a awesome game download this and give all your money bitch ;D <3

(Sorry for my bad english !)


So I slowly finished through this, and holy cow, I've never laughed so much at one game before, and never have I gotten that giddy while playing through it. All the characters have that one golden gem of them, and it really slams on the game and makes you connect with them. 


omg omg!! this  was sooo good! the humor had me laughing the whole way through, the characters were so good, I could see a little bit of my self in all of the main cast! the story was great, it made me miss high school! thanks for the nostalgia!

(1 edit) (+1)

My first visual novel and I'm just blown away. The characters are amazingly written and sooooo relatable, the world-building is very good, the music's always on point and the feels...oh my god, the FEELS!! 

I enjoyed every minute of it and became very attached to the characters over the course of my playthrough. It's also way funnier than I first expected, considering the heavy topics it deals with. I definitely recommend checking it out!

(ó ꒳ ò✿)

PS. The queer representation is amazing! I actually started cheering when my favourite character came out as bi ^-^




Oh my gosh,,,, i just finished this game and it's p e r f e c t. I am in love with all the characters and their different dynamism but somehow,,, they just work together,, 

I feel for Diya 99% of the time with her anxiety,, and love for dogs and food. She's so cute with just the way she is and it makes me feel better about myself too :')) Noelle's story with her mom also hit home pretty hard,, i like that it ends on a good note!!! But still with humour!! It's a message that touched my heart and i just needed it so thank you so much ;;

(((also this game made me go through a long face journey bc my roommate is in and i couldnt squeal esp when that last CG popped up asjdfdk)))


I Love this game it felt true i loved it i wish to see these characters again this is amazing <3


It's so amazing, realistic, and most importantly GAY




i love akarsha. she is one of the best pepole ive ever seen...i wanna meet someone like that...

im gonna be like that-


Yes, just yes, this game was amazing! "albret einstong" is my favorite character and i love them all! ahhhhhhh--- AHEM-- well, now i know were my girlfriend got her roleplay name from~ "Min-seo", suits her a little bit.


Omg! I love this so much!I'd play this game a thousand times! Its so well made and the humour is great! I was laughing so much! Every charater had their own personality and background everything was so well made and the plot was awesome, I love how we got to see from everyones perspective to know what they think and what their going through! And the art was spectacular! I loved it the color palletes, the shading the expresions, oh its BEAUTIFUL! I love this and would be so happy if there was another one like it or a sequel. This game needs more attention! Sorry, i didn't realize i was ranting! Im so glad i found this game!!


Oh my god I adore this game. It's so cute and so gay and so Asian!! All me things!! Thank you for this awesome multifaceted representation. I'm in love with this art style and the dialogue! 

Also excited abt the traditional chinese vers, i'm gonna play that next to practice my Chinese. and wow how often do u get gay/bi gal content in Chinese??? So excited as a Chinese diaspora!

Min and Diya are so cuuuute!!!!! And I love Akarsha and how funny she is but how the game doesn't shy away from her insecurity too. And I love Noelle and her strength as she tries to defy her parents and argue back against them, and her making friends. 

Also love the anxiety rep from Diya, and the "odd" traits that I can rlly relate to, and I love that she's portrayed as so loved and fiercely protected by her friends. Kinda makes me feel loved too. 

All in all, this is one of my new faves! <3

Btw, where can i buy this art pdf? Ur shop link doesn't seem to work :( and i wanna support ur awesome art!


I loved playing this game, the art, characters, music,  story plot, EVERYTHING WAS JUST SO SNAZZY!!

 P.S. my favorite character is Akarsha, she's funny UwU


Min and Diya kiss over table, me: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO DARN CUTE!!!!

Fav quote: Friendship is like peeing on yourself, everyone can see it but only you get the warm feeling it brings.


Pure love for this game,, keep up the good work<3


OMG I literally fell in love with this game. You're a genius creator!!!!!




The game is terrible suck it boi  IDK


this game is legit the cutest, funniest, and best game at the same time omg


I love this game 11/10 but it made me realise that i'll never have a hot edgy dom gf and it makes me sad


this game is probably my favorite lgbt game.... i was laughing from start to finish honestly, it's hard to find dialogue that isn't a bit on the bland side, but you really know how to be hella entertaining and hilarious. and oh my GOD it's so damn cute. i just wish there was more noelle/akarsha!! other than that, 10/10.


Is there ever going to be a Chrome version???


the art is so cute ur so talented!!!


Such a great game omggggg

I can't wait for the second part so much hypee

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