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Languages: English, 日本語, 中文, 한국어, Português, Česky

A visual novel about gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love. 


  • harold they're lesbians*
  • 3-4 hours long
  • memes

The game is free, but you can support me by buying the bonus art PDF for $5! It's 30 pages of me rambling + extra sketches, many of which have never been posted anywhere else.

*except not really, one of them is bi


tw for brief written depictions of parental emotional+physical abuse (no visuals), ableist slurs


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Butterfly Soup Bonus Art.pdf 26 MB
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It's 2020 and i still love this game

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I played this game so many times since I downloaded it.Holy crap,I love the story,I love the characters(I almost died at Min and Akarsha's scene with Titanic's song),I love the comedy,I love everything.Really,I think I born just to play this masterpierce.

This game is a goddamn masterpiece. The characters are precious and multidimensional, and the art is down-right charming. Love this game to death, and I can't wait to force my partner to play it.

Hi so I tried to download this game but it won’t work let me know how to fix it  



i played this game in early 2019 and i've not been able to get it out of my head since. it's gorgeous, heartfelt, soul-warming and so, so beautifully done - the ending has stayed with me for months, and i just want to encourage anyone reading this to download it


I fucking love this

i was just looking at the comments then i saw your icon thingy it's so cool :

i'm a boy i don't know why i'm gonna download this game but i will take a look at it. maybe i will let my sister play it too

anyone can play any kind of game they like! it's a really beautiful game and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did <3

ikr  but so many clicks to continue i some times skip.


This game watered my crops, tilled my fields, and cured my deproession. Gay and in LOVE

Why didn't I play this sooner? This is the highest rated game on Itch for a reason. The characters, dialogue and overall design are so good it hurts. I must say that having the characters use different alphabets when speaking words in foreign languages was a weird choice (occasionally they're subtitled in English, but it'd be nice to have the original words romanised so a language dropout like me can read them), and I occasionally found some of the baseball stuff hard to follow (I don't have baseball where I live) but the sheer quality and soul of this game shines through any flaws it might have.

Are you a fan of Darkstalkers?  I couldn't help but keep hearing that one sound effect Lord Raptor makes when one of his attacks is parried.

Regardless. This game is awesome.  You'll be damn sure I'll be first in line for Butterfly Soup 2: Soup Harder...

I was so sad when I reached the end of the game!

gotta ask, will there be a deb version of the Linux version. i run lubuntu so i can't run .tar or .bz2 files. 


Run sudo apt install xarchiver, then use it to open the tar.bz2 file and extract it somewhere, then run ButterflySoup.sh

If you're a CLI nerd, run:

tar xf ButterFlySoup-2.0.8-linux.tar.bz2

cd ButterflySoup-2.0.8-linux/

sh ./ButterFlySoup.sh


I played this and I was like, "Hoo, boy." It was the most hilarious and happiest thing that I almost ever played. It's like a cross between funny and gay. But i'm wondering, Are there different endings besides Min being with Diya?

this game is the best thing i have ever played holy crap-

Allowed me to experience a story in a world divorced from my daily realities. It was amazing.


this game was super cute i honestly love it and i swear i was falling for min . the game was probably the best thing I've played in a while  this was awesome and the artwork was just oh my  god perfect :DD

I loved the cultural aspects and how parents are portrayed <3 i loved the quirky characters and aaa its charming and lovable <3 wonderful game c:


so I played this game monthsss ago and I absolutely loved it! the kiss is what I waited for , for like EVER I played this game 3 times . it's just amazing, my little gay heart exploded <33

This made me so happy aaaaAAAAAA


I just finished playing the game and jfc this makes my little gay heart so happy :)


i love the game  everyday after school I play it  oh and I made a drawing for you

omg thats amazing i love ur styl


Hi, I'm Brazilian and I really liked your game. The story is very cool. Congratulations for the work!

My favorite game, I can't wait for the second game to come out :)


wait there is a second game coming out :O

Yeah, but she doesn't know when


one of the cutest games ive ever played :)


this was honestly the best, the funniest, and the most realistic game i've played. i went through the whole thing with no breaks because of how invested in the story i was... honestly i love this so much


eu adorei esse jogo!!!! meu coraçao nao aguenta tanta fofura ! isso e uma obra-de-arte !!!! parabens pelo belissimo jogo !!!! beijinhos <3

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I love this game so much. Always manages to make me smile every playthrough. Currently forcing my friends to play the game with me. 10/10. bruh moment.


I want a second game right frikin now

My baby lebian self is crying over this game im like barely into the game.. ive only gone to like the baseball club start for one character but this is so good rhwye hwlvluglBYHE

i love the game

Its a Monday John

Really enjoyed this

Made me laugh all the way along... 

Not the best game I ever played, but certainly in the top 10


this is me ^∆^

This is my most favorite game! Well i hope you can make akarsha and noele in relationship 

I see akarsha hold noele hand in main menu *-*)/ im realy excited!!!

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I love love love it! But i'm sad that it was over but really happy when min promised her any dogs they want when they are older and she kept her promise but thats when it end :c

(Edit) Also the funniest person is Akarsha like i'm just wondering why she said "Maybe you saw looklike me from another dimension when akarsha didn't catch the ball but in reality when akarsha did catch the ball" XD

E-ehhhh!!!? It's over? That mean this amazing artist Will not make second of this game!? Awwwww.....

This game is so funny and so sweet and oh my heart just... ah! It is the absolute best!!! :D


I love thuis game so much! I couldn't stop laughing at parts because it's just too funny, its also moving and you really root for and become best friends with every character, amazing!

amazing. thats all.

so cute! hoping for a second game to come out? art is so pleasing to the eye ^^

i cannot express how much i love this game you are an angel sent from above to bless us mere mortals with this masterpiece i love you so much you are awesome


This is so underrated!

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