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Languages: English, 日本語, 中文, 한국어, Português, Česky, bahasa Indonesia, Polski, فارسی

A visual novel about gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love. 


  • harold they're lesbians*
  • 3-4 hours long
  • memes

*except not really, one of them is bi

The game is free, but you can support me by buying the bonus art PDF for $5! It's 30 pages of me rambling + extra sketches, many of which have never been posted anywhere else.

Fan-made ports:



Content warnings: brief written depictions of parental emotional+physical abuse (no visuals), ableist slurs


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This game will be turning 6 y.o. this year, and I'm honored to have played it the year it was released. I was in high school too and was just able to date my girl crush then, so this game was highly relatable and helpful with my "Am I A Lesbian?" phase (I am), plus we're Asian. We broke up on good terms, and I guess that was a blessing in disguise, as now I've met my soon-to-be wife, with whom our relationship back in freshman college was similar to Noelle and Akarsha's. We both played the 2nd season of this game, which I highly recommend that you play too if you love it, and were thrilled to be able to play it together as the story was once again similar to our bond and made it stronger. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to play the 3rd season with our future child?? Charot :P

Anyway, thank you for this wonderful game. I wish you well in your endeavors, and I love you so much, Brianna Lei! Sorry just had some time on my hands to come back to this page again since I think of it from time to time.


I freaking love the art and characters, They give such amazing, weird? personality's. this game was pretty creative, I would play in this game for another 4 hour.


I just wanna tatoo the entire game on myself, it was awesome. I loved it so much, the characters are such a vibe. 

send love to u xoxo <3

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this made me laugh an embarrasingly amount of time given the quality of some of the jokes, but the plot is really well built and the ending made me cry and that's the only thing i need from a game. also, akarsha is literally me but better. gonna play the sequel now :)


so i saw this within my recommendations of like "game starts off cute and normal but then everything goes bad" type of games. is that the case here? cause i fw gay people and i fw baseball but i also like being spooked

nope, this isn’t a spooky game 

Ah Alright. Good job on the game tho

that's hella kiawe is now my new favorite catchphras

how are these kids 9th graders they act like 5 year olds

love the game anywayss


i was in the ninth grade around when this game was released, i think i acted exactly like them (unfortunately? fortunately?)

I still remember Naruto running in front of my friends to make them laugh... little did I know all the other people in my 9th grade class also saw it.


i remember my classmates in 9th grade acting dumber than that lol but in a good way


New favourite game alert. This was so CUTE I'm dying my heart is doing backflips. The ending actually gave me butterflies. Not only is this the most adorable gay love story I have ever read it hit some spots with the asian parents too. All the characters are so damn relatable. Pls I can't get over how fluffy the ending was I want so bad, I felt like my life was displayed on screen theyre just like me fr. Each of them has depth and a proper background it felt like they were real people. I love all of them Diya, Min Seo, Akarsha and Noelle. Also this game had me giggling my ass off the humor was so unexpected right down my alley. I too am a gay joke Akarsha. And ofc the most screenshottable, gummy yummy animation style bro this game is love at first sight. Plot, characters, gay, humor, music 10/10. This game made me feel warm and fuzzy, and most of all: seen. Gonna play the sequel tomorrow hehe. 

- 19 Dec 22


I've been waffling on playing this since literally 2017 and I'm so happy I finally did, thanks for making this.


I discovered this game and the sequel recently and I can't get enough of it! I love this game and honestly i'm surprised it isn't more popular!


I love this game so much! I've actually made a thematical Spotify playlist for each character if someone would like to check it out :)





Enjoy <3

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hey, what's the flag from noelle's playlist, just curious (also, i followed the playlists)


Thanks for following the playlists. Also I'm not sure but I think it's just different version of lesbian flag :)

Good game. Is there an official discord server?

There isn’t one! You might be able to find fanmade ones if you look around on twitter or tumblr 

this game is beautiful. is there a way for me to see the art without the dialogue box? or is it in the bonus art?

The game's backgrounds and sprite art are available here! https://brianna-lei.itch.io/butterfly-soup-art-assets?secret=qdw2e7OlAMRHZ3d6Qlji3aPcavY


i accidentally downloaded the second game first and immediately went back to the first one. The story is just incredible, everyone's personality and growth is so natural and endearing i was smiling through my entire playtime. The memes?? chef kiss, 150% burst out laughing material 

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I´ve been giggling at this for 5 minutes


I streamed this game to my viewers and let me just say this was a BLAST to play.  I can't wait to get started on the second one!! :]

i enjoyed this visual novel. the story was really nice

this was really sweet and the dynamics between all the characters were amazing <3 thank you for such a cute experience, the girls feel super real.


OMG I LOVE THIS SOOOOO MUCH. this game is amazing, definitely one of my favorites~ I wanna be friends with all of them~ also, I LOVEEEE baseball, but never got to play in a real team because I didn't feel like I was good enough. I relate a lot to Diya (we have similar personalities) and to Min (because of our families). Thank you soooo much for making a game <3 As a lesbian baseball-lover, I LOVE this.

PS: I gotta confess that I kinda really ship Noelle and Akarsha hahsh

Ahem 100000000000000000000/10 


i am making no exaggeration when i say this is one of the best games i have ever played. i wish i was friends with all the characters :) i loved it so, so much <3

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I never laughed so hard playing a game. Absolute gem. Loved it, so much. Also I want to be best friends with Akarsha :))



graphics, sound effects, bgm, backgrounds, character design, the little chats.. (i could go on for hours) 
would reccomend 100/10


Hi! I just wanted to say that your game is totally amazing! Characters are written grately, and the plot! Almost every dialogue makes me laugh uncontrollably.Thank You for making such a masterpiece. Have a good day!!!!!


Im staying here refreshing until it releases, i love this game and im excited for the sequel



i have been non stop refreshign the page jsut to see if its released yet

Deleted 87 days ago

Coming back again, I love this game so much, many of the spots for backgrounds were from Milpitas High and Great Mall and I played this before I moved away and before I knew I was queer. It felt so personal to my friendships and experiences. Thank you and I'm so glad to see there will be a second game coming out! I'm glad I checked today.


i'm one of the many people who played this years ago, and are now coming back to relive the memories. this was a STAPLE in my young, queer life!!! i like to think this is what brought on my love for visual novels, as i don't remember a time before i played this where i was so invested in vns. 

this game is SO memorable, such a gem. please never stop creating stories!!! i'm so excited for the sequel, i cannot wait. 


i played this game when it first came out, it was one of the first games i ever played and i think it was a really big start in me finding out i was gay. i love this game so much just everything about it is so beautiful and funny. its defiantly the best visual novel ive ever played and ill never get over how wonderful it is.


 I love this game, at the end when they kissed my father started walking by, I legit just started to panic.


Honestly, I cant describe how much i love this game. I stumbled upon it about 3 years ago now. I've never really gotten hooked to things or liked something so much to the point that I wanted to talk about it and share it with friends until this game. I would play it over and over because of how much I liked it and I just found it sitting in my files today (I played it again of course). I absolutely LOVE this game. The characters are so relatable and each have their own separate personalities which is awesome.  Again, words cant describe how much I love this game (Prob. cause I don't understand why I like it so much) but I want to thank you for making it. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your life.


I got into this game years ago now and it was just such a big comfort to me. LGBTQ weren't easy to find then (at least for me), so every couple months i check back on this page just for the nostalgia and i realized i NEVER commented. 

So here i am talking about how fucking obsessed i still am with this game. Heck - i haven't played it in years and yet i can still remember way too many lines i was THAT obsessed.

I also like to think this game helped me be more comfortable with my sexuality.  Even now, after ive finished school, simply thinking of this game comforts me.

omg its have فارسی language toooooooooo


i first played Butterfly Soup around 4 years ago, still very much in early highschool, and now it is accompanying me as i finish my first year of uni! 🥳

I vividly remember the delight I felt when I played it for the first time! It was so funny, and so heartfelt! This experience - looking at the characters and whole-heartedly understanding them; being able to see my friends, my family, and myself within the characters, truly marked an epoch in my personal growth.  Especially since I live in a country that is predominantly Caucasian, this game felt so novel, so specifically aimed at me. 

So I really want to say thank you! Butterfly soup has brought me immense comfort over the years, and I certainly wouldn't be the same without it! I noticed that I had accumulated a lot of hours and wanted to commemorate it with a screenshot ^u^ It has carried me through many, many harrowing exams and assignments, and i extend my thanks not just as a queer asian but a queer asian in academic hell. 

This comment is getting awfully long, so maybe I'll just say it one more time: thank you so, so much! To continue Diya and Min's tradition, that's「 本当にありがとう!」in my other language :-)

Wishing you lots of happiness and best wishes!

I liked this game so much that I'm forcing my best friend to play it, as she is forcing me to write this comment. Well I was forcing her to play it earlier, but I mentioned I thought about writing a comment but didn't, so she made me. Anyway, I got goosebumps 2 times playing through this. I really related to Diya and Min, but the entire cast is great ^^



best games EVER, i always go back to this game whenever i feel kinda down. literally the vibes and everything


booo no seggs.


why would we need seggs game 😭


eyo, they're 14-


I'm 13


i love this game,,so muh,,Diya is so relatable 

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