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Available languages: English, 日本語, 中文, Português

A visual novel about gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love. 


  • harold they're lesbians*
  • 3-4 hours long
  • memes

The game is free, but you can support me by buying the bonus art PDF for $5! It's 30 pages of me rambling + extra sketches, many of which have never been posted anywhere else.

*except not really, one of them is bi


tw for brief written depictions of parental emotional+physical abuse (no visuals), ableist slurs


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this game is probably my favorite lgbt game.... i was laughing from start to finish honestly, it's hard to find dialogue that isn't a bit on the bland side, but you really know how to be hella entertaining and hilarious. and oh my GOD it's so damn cute. i just wish there was more noelle/akarsha!! other than that, 10/10.

Is there ever going to be a Chrome version???

the art is so cute ur so talented!!!

Such a great game omggggg

I can't wait for the second part so much hypee

Beautiful ❤️ I'm so glad you made this, A game I always wanted to play! Take your time for Android (I played it on PC) This game has beautiful Art work! Please keep working on this! I can't get enough of it!!!! -Love QuietAnime-

its so cute and i love it so much wOw skajkanfdnm

I'm hyped fjkslfds give me a french version pls i love u

Oh my god, when i read that this game was available in portuguese, i start crying of happiness 

Such a beautiful game!! <333 


I am so glad I played this! Utterly adorable story and characters. Wholeheartedly approved!

I like that you put the Pom from 'Pom Gets Wi-Fi' in the end

Guys, I wanna play Butterfly Soup because my friend said it's amazinggg! But I can't seem to get it. I downloaded it all on PC and stuff but I don't know where I'm supposed to go! There are so many folders!! Please help!!

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You don't need to browse that folders, just click the 'ButterflySoup' with a gradient butterfly icon and vuala :>

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Okey guys... I need to tell some words about this game. 

For first this is A W E S O M E! 

I can find here :

^romans, rlly cute romans

^memes, its always funny and I was suprised bcs i dont think it could be a great combination >romanse, memes< but it was!

^great characters, Akarsha was the best for me.  >She have a good sense of humor and my lovely Min. She have a great style and brutal personality<

^For the most i like a friendship 


The last scene was for me just one big WOW! It was cute and innocent and this fail in the end make me laugh hard. 


For the end I need to thank You very much, U done a rlly good job. I have a lot of fun and if u do a next part i will be thankful.  Your very talented.


Cute Game!

Olá Pessoal! Vi a disponibilidade do idioma 'Português' e me questiono: A alguem fazendo as traduções para contribuir com seu trabalho? Estou fazendo faculdade na área e pretendo trabalhar com visual novels, seria legal ter um parecer de alguem sobre como é, dificuldades e a parte de tradução. Obrigado pela atenção, qualquer coisa eu escrevo em inglês.

Y e s u s. This is everything I needed in a visual novel.



Vibrant and Unique personalities.

C h a r a c t e r g r o w t h.

Aaaand moooore.

I just binged this at midnight, and I enjoyed every bit of that. I was freakin' cackling everytime Akarsha ever came into the picture.

This story is so freaking adorable I'm in love <3


welp this is my new religion


i love this game far to much!!!

!!CAUTION!! [Spoilers In this comment!]

I loved the game!! It is such a great game. Also, I loved the ending when Diya and Min go to get a doggo and.. then it has Pom and Shibe from your other game. This game overall was fun to play, and I enjoyed it! I really hope you make tiny references about this game in other games you make in the future. Weirdly enough, I felt the same as all the girls (The main characters) at some point in the story. Hopefully this comment bring you joy. (P.S. I loved the text scenes and the parts where Min and Akarsha bond, especially the Akarsha moments, since I loved her character)


Time to replay for 5th time!!! I am soo loving this VN..The genre is amazing..VN covers every aspect that people face in the world..I can relate too many characters..1,000,000/1 and 400 thumbs up!!!!

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so cute, made me feel so good <3

min reminded me of chloe and,,,,, a girl i know...  which is +839 bonus points

thank you for this heartwarming story! also, loved how exaggerated min and mainly akarsha are dkw but i do

also, just my type of humor, sorta dumb and fresh, spot on

Love it!!! I keep replaying...



this game is such a gem! it's so hard to find games that represent lgbt asians, nevermind do it in such a respectful but oh so entertaining way! and as a south asian, i am so glad that our region wasn't forgotten! masterpiece! fingers crossed for a sequel or spinoff!


Love this game, can't believe it's not a worldwide sensation, would be amazing to see what happens next!

Also, Diya <3

I usually hate LGBT games / novels as they make a big deal about their game showing support and inclusiveness, but this game....

This game was absolutely amazing and literally took my breath away, if you were ever to write anything even 1% as great you could bring even the most stone cold into a trance of pure emotional bliss.

In other words.... I love you.... I love this game.... And you are awesome, Cheers!

this game was truly amazing, i am hella ready for a sequel tbh. i honestly relate a lot to akarsha lmao. i'll probably end up playing it again (also just one of my favorite moments Lmao)

This game was amazing, I'm so glad to of found such a gem! Can't wait for a sequel.


Hey. I just wanted to say that i love  this game so much. The art is so beautiful. Great representation of being an LGBT+ Asian.I LOVE playing this game. The humours are SPOT ON. I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!!  I LOVE this game so much i can't hold my smile for every second i played this game. I HOPE you make more games like this in the future because I'm so proud of the games you make.  You did a great job and peace out. 


So. I just finished the game and guess what? If you don't already know, she's making a sequel. She's hoping for Summer 2019, but warns that it'll likely be like a year later. So yeah. Get hype. I know that I will.

Holy shit I'm hyped

Cant wait!! Thanks for telling me this. I'll play once it is launch!



Diya <3

Cheers m8!



Hey. I just wanted to say that i love  this game so much. The art is so beautiful. Great representation of being an LGBT+ Asian.I LOVE playing this game. The humours are SPOT ON. I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!!  I LOVE this game so much i can't hold my smile for every second i played this game. I HOPE you make more games like this in the future because I'm so proud of the games you make.  You did a great job and peace out. 

its great

42957104/10 pls try it 

i.... there's so many things in here i related to when i was once a bby gay 

this whole game? peak top tier never-been-done before sensational amazing inspirational etc. etc.

I give this 200/1 Does anyone object if I marry Liz? This VN is awesome!!! Akarsha is sooooo funny. And Diya is a amazing person..Noelle and Min make up the cast of characters in this story. I simply can't stop reading this. Please, please make a sequal to this or a series. I LOVE THIS VN!!!! 20 thumps up

ikr??? Liz is such a cutieee! (She's also canon MtF!) Also, the sequel was said to come out this summer! 

I was skeptical at first, but 12am turned into 4am and now here i am wondering how such a silly game made the time fly by so fast. i LOVED every minute of it. all of the characters are so special in their own way, and they don't feel fake or poorly written. i almost feel sad that its over now, and iv'e never get to share in their magical adventure more. Thank you for this experience.

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LOVE IT! The art, the story...

everything lol


Love it! the only thing i need was min and diya to kiss (again)!Heh!


i loved this so muchhhhhhh. its humorous while still addressing serious topics a lot of ppl go through. i loved when thered be metaphors n stuff, those are soo good. also yay for diversity!!!!!! i liked the little detail of diya being deaf in one ear. people usually write only about completely able bodied people and when they dont its a major plot point. i love the casual representation of lotsa different types of people. also as someone the same age as the main characters, they actually fit their age! i feel like young teens are usually portrayed as acting younger than actual kids their age or way older than kids their age. i just appreciate this game so much


aa i love this game so much!! the characterisation made me giggle (thank u akarsha) and some of the lines from them all made me kinda wanna cry. i love the soundtrack to it (especially during akarsha and min's bonding moments ,, my god), the art is SO pretty, and the actual writing is perfect. plus you get bonus points for the gay. i'm so glad i got round to playing it. 

thank u so much for putting all the work into this game! keep it up!! 

(and if you happen to be someone that hasn't played it and is just looking through the comments, please, for the love of god, play it. you won't regret it.)

This was best ever. great story, great art, great soundtrack. man oh man i really enjoyed this. keep up the good work

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