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Content warnings: brief written depictions of parental emotional+physical abuse (no visuals), ableist slur.

This is unofficial, made by HackerNCoder.

Web version may not run on phones.

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Updated 25 days ago
PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(97 total ratings)
AuthorBrianna Lei
GenreVisual Novel
Made withGIMP, Ren'Py
Tags2D, Ren'Py
Average sessionA few hours


butterflysoup-android-betabuild7.apk 165 MB

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Omggggg, the game is so cool, cute, beatiful,gay and amazing!!!!

And the scene post-credits, i love it! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

it would be nice if I could play on the Ipad ver. or the mac download ver. but im resorting to the web one cuz,,, everything hates me ig. 

To be honest, it's been a long time since I've played this game. But now I came across your profile, because I'm only slowly starting to look around here.

It was the first (queer) visual novel of this kind that I played and it was my start to search more for such stories and games and hopefully to be able to make something as wonderful myself one day.

It appeals to me visually and the different characters made me happy. The story is so carefully thought out.

Thank you so much <3

By the way: I was really happy that there is a 2nd part of butterfly soup!

just finished it. absolutely bootiful. i'd rate it 6/5 stars if that were possible.

so far i love chryssa. P U N S ARE THE BEST! was gonna add a pun after but i'm not punny enough to think of one ;-;

the smol dog that wagged its tail so hard its butt shakes is my dog irl fr-

lmao i'm literally like 2 minutes in and i almost choked out of laughter 

im actually in love with this game, i cant sit still for more than five minutes but I actually played through a good bit of it. Im in LOVEEEE. THEY ARE SO CUTEEEEE esp diya, my fav.

This game is so cool from its art style, it's writing, and most importantly it's representation! I feel so attached to these characters despite me playing the game for only a few hours since they feel so real and well written. Thank you for making this game!

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This is truly a very well thought out story!! I have tried story telling but I am not the greatest at making up scenarios or filling in time spaces, but you do very well at it, imo. The characters are cool and I rlly enjoy the variety of personalities and designs. I for sure enjoy how you go more into other characters (idk if I spelt that right) lifes and problems, their thoughts and their P.O.Vs, it's very inclusive and we learn more abt them, their life, and thoughts. The humor is very interesting and doesn't bore the readers to death, I actually caught myself laughing pretty hard a few times, or genuinely just being shook. Everyone seems very relatable which gives a comforting feeling when you read and interact with other characters. Rn I am a decent portion into the story but so far it's a 10/10 ( the period part was a bit much for me, but that might just be me ) I will be updating my comment every once in awhile while I get more into the story, tysm for this great game!!! <33 


now that was a wild ride. okay I have not much to say, but this story was truly amazing, tbh when Min replied with a flirty comeback I freaked out and ran to the other side of my house.....I get nervous easily, the kiss scene shook me also, it was very quick and I was like "0o0!!!". I truly am sad that I finished it, and I hope that I am able to see more work from you in the future! This story comforts me in a sort' of way, I relate to a lot of things that the characters are going through, like growing up, figuring out my sexuality, figuring out that all the girly stuff was just not for me (I am a trans man, it's not the same situation but very similar), dealing with family problems, using humour as a way of hiding my emotions, etc.

this was truly amazing and I will remember this for a long time!!


Okay I didn't realize there was a little extra part at the end, but my heart....kwurghetkujbwh. I love how they are like complete opposites but are so adorable together, it's nice seeing their difference in height/body/style. I enjoy how they kept their promise and even named the dog Pom. Also when Diya mentioned how the dog reminded her of Min.

This story made me laugh, tear up, run in shock, and left me in confusion. I can't explain how much this story meant to me. If you are reading this and wanna try it but aren't sure, trust me it's a banger! I would very much recommend.

Thank you so much for Farsi translation!


yo it's not loading

says that "Error: Script error. (see JavaScript console for details)

is there a way to resolve this? i'm on chromeos and trying to run it in chrome if that helps



I watched Gloom play this game years ago. It helped me discover my sexuality. Well paced, nice visuals and a great story. Ty so much for this brianna


Same. This game changed me.

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I like gloom


this is the best game ive played by far. Can't wait for 2025 to play the sequel :D


one of the best visual novels I've ever read, 20/10


qgw avdhrezsecnd jwaa hahhaA GAAJH S YES

it wont load

Just completed it, Thanks for the Web Port! Amazing game, I f I do say so myself!

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"This is America! Everyone has a gun!"

I'm already loving it

(Oh yeah they said "I love you" before knowing what it actually meant  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


greatest scene by far.

I agree with you😎

it dose not load

My gay ass is loving this 

This game is really good !!!!


i love this game so much i never got to play this kind of game in a while i love the humor and everything about the game I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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I love this game. Maybe take out the dig at communism because communism has worked for most of prehistory because caveman society was technically communist. Ig it fits Akarshas character tho.

Edit: It said r*t*rd*d. Put a trigger warning for that. that's an extremely offensive slur.  it's still a nice game bu jesus christ that hit me like a truck.


Ok, I’ve added the trigger warning from the official page. I guess people are finding this through somewhere else that isn’t that?


Thank you. Usually people just get angry and defensive, It's nice to have someone who actually cares. ^v^


This is totally my fault, there is a trigger warning on the games official page, and it should be here to.

(1 edit) (-1)

Regardless of whether it was your fault, I'm still happy that you are actively trying to make things better.  And that you made such a good game.

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there is no day where I dont think about this game. Its so simple but it swooped me off the earth, I loved every minute of it. I gave out a lot of 5 star reviews but this is trurly my favourite game on this site.

ps. it will stay permamently on my phone and Im gonna play it again on my school train


Thanks for the review! I too think this is my favourite game, ever.

ps. that’s why I made this.

The game was good and I enjoyed it, but this style of game is a bit boring

It's just incredible, all the characters have all my heart. Thank you so much to the creator of this perfection <33 (sorry if the text looks weird i'm using the translator :)



me when women: "awooga"


I love this visual novel! It's amazing, I really recommend this


Amazing.......... Just FREAKING AMAZING. 



Played it until the end, and this is working as it should. No bugs or glitches happenend.

By the way, I've finished Butterfly Soup for the 2nd time now lol

What Android version and ROM/Phone do you have?

I have Android 11, and my phone is a Samsung Galaxy A30s

Could you please upload the previous files 

you've made? The app keeps closing on me during game play. My device is using Android 11.

Hello! I’ve done so. Could you upload (to e.g. the file log.txt from Android > data > com.briannalee.butterflysoup > files before you install and use any older version? It may help me figure out what is wrong.


There's no available folder of such name in my device. Tried browsing around and can't find anything. The app is installed. It opens, allows me to choose the language and will suddenly stop when I start the visual novel.


Okay, I'm done installing and trying all versions. All of them won't work properly in Android 11, but they work just fine in older Android versions.


Hmm. What ROM/Phone do you use?

Maybe a logcat would be good, or a debugging version, though I am away from my desktop so I can’t do that right now.


I'm using a 128 GB device Samsung device.


its really good and gay at the same time



Deleted 1 year ago

Hi! How can I help you?


no just saying hay  love this game


Ok. Hello! then.






when gay


Being a fiery korean girl myself, I really loved Min!

Deleted 1 year ago

From the games page:

“A visual novel about gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love. “

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Min taught me how to say I love you and said that it meant hi I can't this game is awesome wdhishdeuwijs   I'm not very far in and it's only my first time playing but I've seen this game recommended a few times and it's already pretty nice!

Edit: Ok so I finished the game and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. My first impressions were right. It the cutest and greatest thing.

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