Now available in Farsi!

The latest update of Butterfly Soup (v2.18) now includes Farsi. Thank you so much for translating, Kasbarg! 

This is the first right-to-left language the game is available in! …There's a bug where it scrolls the wrong direction during punctuation-only lines, but hey, it works! If you run into any other problems in this version of the game, please let me know.

There's finally so many languages available that I was forced to revamp the Language Select page so they don't run off the screen. This version also includes some minor typo fixes in the Polish translation.

This is probably going to be the last language update for Butterfly Soup for a long time. Adding additional translations into the game is really time-consuming for me, and I’ve decided to prioritize working on new games for now. Hopefully, I'll have something exciting to announce in a couple months :) 


Edit: I fixed a couple bugs in the Farsi version in v2.19! PC and Linux should be updated, but I'm still waiting on the Mac one to be notarized. 


Butterfly Soup - PC (v2.19) 180 MB
Nov 11, 2020
Butterfly Soup - Linux (v2.19) 159 MB
Nov 11, 2020

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Damn, it really is the first and only visual novel translated in Farsi so far. For a long time I've been curious if whether I can run into one and here it is. Thank you so much Kasbarg for the TL and Brianna Lei for this game.
I may not like this type of VN (I enjoyed some of it nonetheless, especially the messages at the end before the epilogue) but I'm sure as well glad for this localization, I hope to see more Persian translations for more games in the future.

Thanks for the kind words!

this game was not good it WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGG
thank you for making this i really love interactive fiction
the art style was really cool and yeah Nice Job  Friend ,have a nice day Good Bye!!

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Hi, I received an error on the line 11455 Dia for Persian language and the game crashed

Thanks for reporting the error, I'm so sorry you ran into it! I think I've fixed it in the newest version (2.19). It's currently up for PC and Linux, and should be added for Mac by tomorrow. If you redownload it, your save files should still work. 

Thanks and I am very happy that I can play this game in Persian