Now available in Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese!

The latest update of Butterfly Soup now includes Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese! Many thanks to KINSHA Co, Ltd and Jean Araujo for their hard work! Including English and Traditional Chinese, this brings the total number of languages supported to 4.

A handful of typos in the original English were also fixed. It's amazing how even a year later, people are still finding new ones... I think I've learned my lesson and will try to make doubly sure my future games are as typo free as possible before they're translated! 


Butterfly Soup - PC (v2.05) 163 MB
Jan 01, 2019
Butterfly Soup - Mac (v2.05) 148 MB
Jan 01, 2019
Butterfly Soup - Linux (v2.05) 146 MB
Jan 01, 2019

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Love how your still supporting this wonderful game. Plus the more people to play it the better! (Hope you had a good Christmas/Holiday & New Year everyone!)


Hi, i really enjoyed playing your game, so I would like to translate Butterfly Soup to Italian (i also tried to contact you on tumblr)