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Deleted 2 years ago

Sorry to hear you're running into this, this is caused by older/outdated graphics card drivers! Could you check if your graphics card drivers are up to date? Also, certain older graphics cards like the Intel HD Graphics Family card won't be able to display those parts of the game. If you're using that, you'll have to play on another computer :( 


Sorry if I don't say too much but man, I loved this game, I have not finished it yet but already love all of it. I will give it promo in my Tumblr so more people can play this beautiful game.

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i love baseball, i'm gay, this was perfect for me. it was so good and i love the characters and their dynamic so much, sometimes with a group of friends there's at least one dynamic between two of them that isn't fleshed out at all but the whole group is so great... i cried a little too... thank you for this sweet lovely game...

i also laughed guiltily about going into baseball for oofuri because that's... literally my favourite anime and made me appreciate baseball even more. also really liked the rules explanations for the game proper! it was cool trivia.

oh! and! i keep editing this post sjhghfg i really loved that diya had visible hair on her arms, as a fuzzy person myself i looooved the detail. she's so cute...

I saw the hairs on Diya too!!! Typically I don't see them on characters, but I was happy to. It made me feel better about myself (:


Oh my god, I loved this game so much! I can relate to most of it in some way, and the characters just made it much more interesting! The story was unique and all in all I just loved the gameplay. I laughed at all the little memes too lmao, THIS WAS SUCH A GREAT GAME TO PLAY! I'll be looking forward to any other games that you'll be making! And I really also hope you'll consider maybe a series or something like that? Also, I was very much close to crying at the end :')


literally created this account exclusively to tell you how much I adored this game, i thought the humour was perfect (i have 20+ screenshots saved on my laptop now) and all of the characters were so loveable right from the start - I would LOVE to see more of these characters in the future!! :^)


this game was really excellent!!! 

i love ALL of the main characters dearly and the humour got a lot of chuckles out of me... this was such a sweet and well put together experience...

also as a fellow ren'py user i was rly impressed with how you implemented so many pretty transitions and GUI stuff... i've really gotta learn how to do that better myself LMAO


I finished this game in one sitting and I absolutely love it. It's funny and the art is amazing. And yes, I cried at the ending. 


I literally made an account just so I could tell you how much I love this game. It has the perfect balance of comedy and angst, so  that it becomes realistic and relatable. I mean, I've probably done more than half of the stupid shit Akarsha does and Min's childhood is one I'm very familiar with. Each of the characters had stength and weaknesses, none of them being completely good and righteous (except maybe Diya, that cinnamon roll) which gave an interesting dynamic to their friendship. Also, Noelle and Akarsha are OTP material, no matter what anyone says.


Hi! I recently finished reading through this visual novel, and boy was it an amazing experience. It didn't take me that long to get attached to the characters and found myself dying from laughter every 5 minutes or so. Thank you for making such a wholesome and pure game about girls loving girls. It's really nice to see more stuff like this. 

Please consider making more Butterfly Soup! I would love to see more of these girls.


Wow, just finished the whole thing in one sitting. Maybe the most I've ever gotten invested in the characters of a Visual Novel, and some really gorgeous artwork. Also probably the most I've related to a game in a while, which is a rare thing. Thank you for making this, it's really amazing.


Thank you for this wonderful game! I'm an Asian lesbian & this really spoke to my own experiences. Love these girls so much!


This game is beautiful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Keep up the great work


Literally created an account on this site so I could come on here and tell you how  much I LOVE Butterfly Soup

Right from the beginning, it felt polished and professional. I felt like I could trust the direction you were taking it and I could trust that it was worth my time. It is beautiful and technically works well.  That gave it a really solid foundation.

As I played, it didn't take me long to get fully invested in all the characters. The dialogue had me laughing so hard I had to send screencaps to my friends because I NEEDED someone else to understand how brilliant it was. I really appreciated the memes (aND THE OOFURI REFERENCE THANK YOU THAT'S MY FAV MANGA/ANIME EVER). The integration of the Matt Mulholland recorder version of 'My Heart Will Go On" was ABSOLUTE perfection and I need everyone to experience those scenes klajhfdlkshfdls

As the plot progressed, I started realizing how real the characters felt in both their strengths and their hurts. They were damaged and flawed. All of the main group were facing some pretty dark stuff in their personal lives with different reactions: denial, anger, resignation, fear. I swear I've heard some of my own friends almost exactly echo some of the characters' lines - especially Akarsha's. (I won't go into detail to save from spoilers in case anyone who hasn't played is reading this!) 

I completed this a couple days ago and haven't been able to get it out of my mind. I've gone back to read through certain parts again and I've recommended it to my friends. It was just the mix of endearing and emotionally resonant that I needed right now.

Oh. And it was super gay. And that was great.

Definitely recommend this to anyone considering it. Also, if you can, pay the $5 and get the extra sketches!! Totally worth it. I found it super interesting and there were some very cute sketches mY HEART  (and of course the bonus of supporting the artist is a huge plus eyyyyy)

Anyway -- I love this, your work is important and kind and good and has brought me a lot of joy. I can see that you put a lot of heart and hard work into it and I'm so grateful. Thank you for what you do.


It was wonderful. Thanks so much for making something like this. I love your art style and I thought for the most part the pacing was fantastic. It felt a little rushed at the end in my opinion because I am a sucker for angst (though it totally ticked all the boxes for that), but I totally understand how much effort and time story building takes, not to mention adding art and keeping it interactive. 

The characters were well rounded and I've could see both Diya and Noelle facing struggles that I have seen my partner dealing with in terms of their home life on top of sexuality/gender ID/general friendships/parental expectations. With my background I don't really think twice about it because I bailed as soon as I could, for them there's a whole other layer of pressure I struggle to comprehend and stories like this help a lot. 

I LOVED the friendship developments and dynamic a LOT. Also Diya being hard of hearing was cool to see, being a anxious mess because or in part due to not hearing well/just being that way as a person is something I've struggled with since I was younger. 

 Will be keen to sink more money into any of your future projects! Especially if they're this gay and sweet. If there is a next time, I should be in a better financial position to pay more than the fiver. #studentdebt


Its 3:30 am at the moment, finished the game at 3 am and took 30 minutes to soak it all in. This hit me hard with how relatable it is(especially the parental issues, and of course, the gay). Thanks for making this game, it did wonders for me emotionally.

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Just finished this, and it was so great. From the description, I was expecting some short silly lighthearted yuri baseball game with memes (which would have been perfectly fine!) but was so delighted and impressed by how fleshed out the characters and story were. You really nailed that perfect mix of cuteness, awkwardness, angst, and humour that makes for a really memorable coming-of-age story. I'm Indian and queer, and was also a teen around this same time, so this was basically a huge throwback that gave me all the warm fuzzy feelings. I hope you continue to make art and meaningful stories, because your voice is so important and needed!

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i just finished this game and i felt so compelled by it i had to make an account to express how beautifully expressed this project is, from the flow of conversation to the interactive art scenes. i'm a non-asian poc but a lot of the themes (like gender nonconformity, dealing with restrictive parents and lying all the time, and hiding fears behind bad humor) just made me connect to each character when going through their storylines; everything felt so linear and real and by the end of it i felt like tearing up haha.

thank you so much for giving life to this project and sharing it with us; i swear as soon as i have 5$ to spare i'm buying the pdf because 1) the art is really really fantastic and 2) i really really love all these girls. i enjoyed it a lot and don't regret spending my afternoon playing it instead of studying!!!!

Thanks so much for going out of your way to post this, reading comments like these mean a lot to me!! I'm so glad you connected with the themes and enjoyed it!! 



I am really interested in this game, but I'm having trouble with the download file T_T

When I opened the zip file and tryed to extract, there's a message saying:  "Unable to find the local header" for the ButterflySoup.exe. Can you help me? I really want to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaay T_T

Hey, I'm sorry to hear you're running into this! Could you try re-downloading the zip file from the website? If it still doesn't work, if you're using WinZip to extract the file, you may want to try using 7-Zip instead. Also, which version of the game are you trying to extract (PC, Linux, Mac)?


I tried re-downloading twice but it still gives me the same message. :( 

I'm using Winzip, I'll try 7-Zip maybe it will work. I downloaded the PC version, my pc is from the brand Dell. I really hope I can play it. My friend played the game and he said it was awesome!

Thank you for replying.

oh man i was in a really Bad Place but one of my friends rec'd this game and playing it was the Best Decision i've made in a long time. thank you so so much for this ; w ;  i'm so grateful for all the hard work you've put into this. i laughed a lot and shrieked at several lines and scenes. it was so Good and Very Relatable!! i absolutely adore the characters especially noelle and akarsha??? together and separately!! i Love them!! So Much! i told other friends about the game and i hope they give it a go and love it just as much

i don't think i've been this inspired in a long time but gosh,,i just. //thank you// 
butterfly soup made me really happy and i'm inspired and motivated to work on my original stuff again ; w ; 

I'm glad I was able to make a difference and inspire you!! You're very welcome, thank you for commenting and playing my game!!! 

Fuck. This is,,,so good,,,???? wtf??? I finished it in one sitting? Its five am and I dont even regret it????

I love this. so.  much.

I thought that it would be more focused on the romance, but... all the friendship? Heck yeah.
(The skate part fucking killed me. I loved every single CG, the art is so good. The soundtrack was out of this world. I had to try to muffle myself while playing because I was laughing and didnt want to wake anyone up.)
Good stuff. 10/10.

OH GOD 5 am..I'm so glad you don't regret it!! Thanks for playing!!

this is so good i love this, i love every single girl soooo much. i might have actually cried at the min chapter. it's so good!!!!!!!! thank you for this!!!!!

You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it!!!!!

10/10 diya can pet my dog

also @ everyone that worked on this game i love you

Thanks for the kind words! ^^

Thank you so much for making this game!! I'm an Gaysian American who grew up in and still lives in a largely Asian American community, and it's kind of alarming how much of this resonated with me. Diya and the rest of the girls remind me of my own friend group, and it's so wonderful to see us represented like this--it feels like going back home in the best way: sweet and silly and familiar. I had an absolute blast playing the game and laughed myself to tears more times than I can count. All of the characters were so colorful and memorable, and I loved that they were all allowed to be silly and dumb and angry. Thank you for sharing this game!! It definitely made my month ^^/

You're welcome, I'm glad I improved your month!! 

My best friend recommended this to me, and I could. not. put. it. down. It was so fun and sweet, and was so realistic! I was texting BFF throughout saying things like OMG US and LOL YOU. It was really cute, and I really enjoyed it! I have already passed it on to other friends, hope they have as much fun as I did!

Yesss I'm glad you liked it so much!!! Thanks for passing it on to other friends TT_TT


this is one of the best VNs i've ever played oh my god. It's so relatable it hurts, especially that painfully accurate weeb chatspeak and the "a healthy relationship with your parents? what's that?"

i'm canadian, but the experience is still so real lmao. especially the "holy shit white people!!" feel because i totally grew up in an asian elementary school and had the same reaction to seeing a bunch of white people for the first time haha

thank you so much for bringing this game to life. it's everything i've ever wanted in a VN and more. i probably won't be able to stop talking about this for the next two months

I'm glad it was so relatable!! You're welcome, thank you for the kind comment!

Just want to say thanks for this game, that was one of the best experiences for me this year, like, wow. Keep on doing what you're doing, you're really, really good at it!

You're welcome, I'm glad it improved your year, even by a bit!! I'll do my best!!

I started playing it on youtube, hope that's okay. I linked back to this page in the description and stuff. I'm still working my way through it but it's really good! :D

I love seeing people stream and do LPs of my games!! I hope you like the rest of it!!

Cool! I'll try and put out a new part every couple of days. I'm taking my time to enjoy it. There's been some real laughs.  Thanks for making it! ^w^

this was so relatable and lovely and I'm so glad I played it!! I laughed so much and screamed at all the good lines (there were a lot of good lines) and I was just so delighted by the characters... thank you so much for putting this game into the world!


It was my pleasure!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

THIS IS MY #1 FAVORITE GAY VN !!! it was so relatable and real, and it made me laugh all the way through!! i understood all of it and im so glad i beta tested it earlier and gosh ? I just love everythung about it,  it was such a heartwarming game ill never ever get tired of it ? I even bought the art collection !! the art, the humor, the choices!! IT WAS ALL SO GOOD!! and that !! i, am an also asian lesbian who has dealt with LITERALLY ALL OF THIS?? IT JUST FELT SO REAL ?? GOSH THANK YOU,, thank you so much again for this game.

you're welcome, and THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME AND BETA TESTING!! I'm so so glad u liked the final version!! TT_TT

this game is so good... i bought the art book bc i love art books and this game and games in general and im just. astounded. 

i'm an aspiring game dev and artist, so everything about this really inspires me to keep doing it even though i have no confidence in myself njsjnsjn

thank you god for this content

p.s. ive worked with ren'py before but i cant figure out how you did all those cool things like having the camera pan with the mouse and the online chat format.... game dev goddess?


THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!! I really have no confidence in myself either, even after making Pom Gets Wi-Fi I was terrified beyond belief releasing Butterfly Soup because I didn't think it was very good.  I'm glad this inspires you -- If I can do it, so can you!!! The camera pan script I found online, and the chat format was a HUGE PAIN for me to figure out and took an entire day. If you like I can send you the scripts for them! 

that would be really nice!!!!!!!!!! you're such an icon tbh?? thank you sm

This is such a great game!
I mean I already have a soft spot for (gay) baseball stories but even beyond that, all of it felt so heartfelt and genuine! The way the story is told, the characters, the art, everything fit together really well and I enjoyed every second of it! 
Thank you for making this!

Also I saw some talk about translations in the other comments, if you need someone to translate it into German, I'd love to help out!

You're welcome, I'm so glad you liked it! And thank you for offering to translate, I'll DM you!!!  

Than k ,, yyoou, thank yo u ????????????? 

Honestly?? Most relatable game I've ever played in my life. I've been yearning for  lesbian Asian baseball content ever since I watched Princess Nine as a wee lad and here it is, right in front of me. The dialogue is amazing and I audibly laughed SEVERAL times. You're incredibly talented.

Are you planning on expanding this universe in any way/shape/form? Because it's Very Good. 

I'm so glad it's relatable and thank you for the compliment!! If there's enough demand for a sequel, I may try to launch a Kickstarter for it someday to raise funds! 

i just wanted to say that i absolutely adore this game!!!! i fell in love with it when i beta tested in back in july, and couldn't stop playing it and just leaving it open in the background to listen to the music. everything feels so real and down to earth and the fact that it's so immersive just makes it all the more amazing!!! i really do sincerely love it and each and every one of the characters. thank you so much for taking the time to make such an amazing game!!!!

You're welcome!! Thank you for playing and writing this comment!!!

I just played the whole thing in one sitting and I loved it!! It reminded me a lot of what my childhood experiences were like.... like, eerily similar. It was indescribably heartwarming to play Butterfly Soup, thank you for making such a wonderful and sweet game.

Tbt to when all my friends would say "ok did you fail, or did you Asian fail" \o/

you're welcome!! I'm so glad you found it relatable and heartwarming, those were, like, my two goals!!!



I already DMed you but I'd just like to say I REALLY appreciate your enthusiasm, thank you so much!!! 

Hello!!! This game has been absolutely adorable so far and I love it!!

I have run into an issue, though; when it shifts to text message sections, all the words disappear (both iconic usernames such as 'albert einstong' and the actual text they're typing); is there a font that's missing that has to be downloaded, or is this a mystery problem? Below's an example:


Gah I'm sorry you ran into this!! The font for the text messages is the same as the regular dialogue, so it's a mystery problem right now...Are you able to see the text in the history window? Also, what operating system are you playing the game on (Windows 7, etc.)?  

The text in the history window's also invisible, aswell as the text in several other menu tabs such as About and Settings. I'm playing on a Windows 7 64bit system!!!

(1 edit)

Yikes, I've had a friend on Windows 7 (also 64 bit) run into a similar issue before, except along with the menu/text messages not showing up, the side images (like sprites of Diya) also wouldn't show up! I think certain graphics cards for some reason interpret the way the game is displayed differently :( Could you check if your graphics card drivers are up to date? 

If you close the game and access the menu through the main title, are you able to see the text then? Also, does it make a difference whether you're in windowed mode or fullscreen? I'm really sorry again for the inconvenience! 


The graphics driver was the problem, I updated it and everything's fine now, thank you very much! Can't wait to play this,

PHEW I'm so glad updating it worked!!! I hope you enjoy it! 

Hey I'm having the same problem, can you tell me exactly what you did to update it? I've tried following some online guides but I'm still pretty confused.


Hi, just here to tell you... this is probably one of the games I have the highest hopes for. The art style is adorable (except for some of the background images, which you've already listed as not permanent.)

And I'll be honest, I probably like all the characters a bit too much.

I'm also here to ask if this soon-to-be masterpiece is coming out in different languages? After all, I think everyone from anywhere should be able to play.

I'm really honored you have such high hopes for it!! I'd love for the game to be available in multiple languages, but since I don't have a translation team or budget,  it's currently only coming out in English. All translations of my previous game were done by kind volunteers after its release, so it's hard to say if the same will happen with this one. If you or anyone else would like to help out with translating, please let me know, I'd be happy to help out however I can!  

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I would honestly LOVE to be able to help translate this. My native language is Turkish, so if you were willing, I'd be able to translate this entire script. And if it helps, I know some people who also have English as their second language/know some other language natively. I'm sure that I could have them help you with it as well. (I honestly just want some of my friends to be able to play this without me having to read behind their shoulders and translate for them, it's really troublesome.)

(1 edit)

Thanks so much for the offer, I'm super excited thinking about releasing it with multilanguage support!! Since doesn't have messaging yet, please contact me thru twitter/tumblr  :>


Well, I've messaged you on Tumblr, which I think is private chat? Anyway, I hope you reply soon.


hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just made an account like 5 seconds ago to tell you how excited i am for this game omggggggggggggggggg

i know it's gonna be great and i've been laughing with literally every joke, take all the time you need with it! it's gonna be worth it 

ps. thanks for bringing this lovely content for everyone to play, i'm really hyped! 🌸

aaaaaA thank you so much!!! comments like these really help keep me going TT_TT I'll do my best to provide the Good Content!!

I am so excited for this, although I really hope that this comment doesn't pressure you. Please work at your own pace, and we will play it once you are done! :D

thanks so much!! I really appreciate this ;~;


this is so great holy shit man, 13/10 for lovely lesbians and the art!

thank you!! im really happy you enjoyed it!! 

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