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hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just made an account like 5 seconds ago to tell you how excited i am for this game omggggggggggggggggg

i know it's gonna be great and i've been laughing with literally every joke, take all the time you need with it! it's gonna be worth it 

ps. thanks for bringing this lovely content for everyone to play, i'm really hyped! 🌸

aaaaaA thank you so much!!! comments like these really help keep me going TT_TT I'll do my best to provide the Good Content!!

I am so excited for this, although I really hope that this comment doesn't pressure you. Please work at your own pace, and we will play it once you are done! :D

thanks so much!! I really appreciate this ;~;


this is so great holy shit man, 13/10 for lovely lesbians and the art!

thank you!! im really happy you enjoyed it!!