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Thank you so much for making this game, it's so adorable and so relatable, I'm a bi girl in cali that loves baseball and I'm only like 30 minutes in and I'm already near crying dfghjki


I really loved the game Min and Diya are my favourite characters of this wonderful game <3 I really recommend this game to everyone.

oh my god everything about this game is perfect. i love it, thank you for making this for all the gay taiwanese girls out there.

i'm gay for all of them no exceptions

great game <3


 I laughed hard and related hard too. thanks!


We studied this game in my university's gender race sexuality and social justice course on video games and it was amazing! Thank you!


i love love love this game!! I would love to cosplay noelle and diya if thats fine with you!! I will give you credit and totally promote your game!!


The hours went by like nothing! It's currently 3:08 and this game is my favorite, thank you.

still waiting for spanish traslation U-U


love this game. so charming! good dialogue is HARD to write & this VN delivers a great conclusion that I found satisfying and very sweet. THANK U Brianna Lei

i luv this game sm, thx for making it bri 

i relate to Akarsha a lot thank you so much for the representation!!

i love them all so much oh my god I couldn't imagine how funny tender and sincere this game is when I first started playing it!!

thank you so much!!


I just played this for the second time and I am SOOO rooting for Butterfly Soup 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


anybody else still love this game even in 2020, because i do


this game made me cry because i am a lesbian and i have this internalized homophobia for whenever i get a crush i constantly remind myself that its "not natural" bc of my mom and this just helped me realize that it isn't bad. thank you :)


i frickin love this

i frickin love you

im your fan girl now



this game is adorable! i'm a lesbian and this was the first lesbian game i played and its the best!! i can't bring myself to unistall it, even though i finished it a while ago, i love it sm!!

Short video here: 

I think the art is amazing and it really makes the game feel alive, in this episode alone no part feels lazy and every scene feels good to the moment I am living in. ( for example, the scene where the fell down the slide was very funny and shows a lot of the artist intentions )

I am currently in love with this game at the moment, I must add I laughed more times than I can count at Min-seo and my opinions for it and are very interesting.  I am not trying to spoil anything, but I love the attitudes of the characters and the situations they are in. 


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I played this game (Butterfly Soup) back in mid-2018, and *ugh* I loved it SO much. And I still do til this day! I don't think I will ever forget this game. EVER.

I don't know how to describe the feeling I felt after I finished playing it. It was... kind of indescribable. Til this day, I still don't know how to exactly describe how I felt. Or feel when thinking about it. But it, definitely, felt awesome.

EDIT: I thought I should mention the fact that Min got me into combat boots.


this game was my gay awakening im sothankful itsgbeautiful ogmhwruuhrw i love ths game its amazing thank you 

nice game.I love it!!


I don't know how many times I've read this, it's legit one of my favorite Visual Novels!



FUck mate! A god damn broke uni student here, but I don't give a damn if this game's free. TAKE MY MONEY, MAN. TAKE ALL THE CASH THAT I CAN SPARE! YOU FUCKIN' DESERVE IT! 



I love it!!!!


I love this game SO FRICKIN MUCH!!! I'm bi, and I really felt the diversity that society tries to force on you. I also loved the characters, and the game play was amazing. 100/10 recommend playing. Keep up the great work. ^w^





(loved this game, it managed to make me gayer than i already was lmfao)

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Omg I loved this so gay XD


this was so genuinely beautiful!!! i started sobbing in the end when they gave the player advice, i'm going through a really tough time right now and that really lifted me up:))) piss buddies for life <3


this game literally makes my heart so happy. i loved everything about it. the experience is amazing and leaves an impression. the art and story-telling is so touching and amazing. can't wait to see more games from you!


This is no lie one of the best things ever!

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Arkasha is literally one of my favorite video game characters of all time, I love her so much, I literally started cry laughing at one of her jokes

Honestly yes, she's one of the best


this game should be on a "required reading" list! FUCK pride and prejudice, we gay now!

(that is to say, I think this game is important enough that anyone who is even thinking about playing another video game should play this first)


THIS IS A MASTERPIECE, I honestly can't believe how happy I was when they kissed 


im still sad that this ended. please please PLEASE make a second one im literally crying because it ended IT WAS SO GOOD I CANT FIND ANYTHING LIKE IT 




Esse jogo é muito fofo, fiquei muito feliz por ser traduzido para o português <3 


Amazing and hilarious and deserves some sort of fancy otome/vn award.


This game made me want to cry. It was beautiful. I loved the beginning. I loved the middle. I loved the ending.

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