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Languages: English, Русский, Polski, 中文, Español, Português

A sequel to Butterfly Soup, a romantic sports visual novel about gay Asian-American teens playing baseball and falling in love.

Set in the year 2009, the game switches between the perspectives of Diya, Noelle, Akarsha, and Min-seo as they navigate high school life in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • 2-4 hours long
  • Memes (unfortunately)

The game is free, but you can support me by buying the digital artbook for $5! It's 15 pages of me rambling + extra sketches, some of which have never been posted anywhere else.

Fan-made ports:

This game explores sensitive topics including homophobia, Asian anti-Black racism, and China/Taiwan relations. Please check out the full content warning list if you think you need it! 


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I enjoyed this game

Butterfly Soup 1 & 2 are amazing examples of how to explore the transition between childhood and adulthood, American culture and immigrant culture, expectations vs reality. There's so much duality in these stories that each character feels like a real, distinct person. 

It truly captures the confusion of being attracted to your friend in the way that's more than just friendly but denying it because being gay was never an option. I LOVE THESE GAMES!! The humor is so genuine, I laughed out loud multiple times. The heartfelt parts made me cry. The wisdom in seeing these characters grapple with what their parents wanted their life to be compared to what they were figuring out about themselves is so REAL. Plus the romance feels like icing on the cake. 

I have such an emotional connection with Min, Diya, Akarsha and Noelle. If we cant get BS3, PLEASE explore their lives as twenty somethings. Like the epilogues of BS1 and BS2 but a complete story would be so incredible. This game deserves all the awards and attention. Thank you Brianna Lei, please continue to create more art like this. 

this one hit different in a way the first one didn't. something about playing this in the middle of the night as I'm about to finish my finals and graduate hs when I really should be studying has given me comfort and resolution about some deep shit in my life. thanks for that


I just finished this. When I did, I just laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling  wwowww!!!!!!!!!!! I love this game so much.  I don't think words can ever express how much this game means to me, and how it just feels so, dear. I played the first game when I was still confused but eager, having only just realized about my sexuality, and it was just so comforting to me, it brought me so much joy. I just love how real the stories are in butterfly soup, and it's like I relate to every character in some way.  The characters are super funny, but also so real, the thought process of each character and their struggles was just so deep. and it's just so crazy to see their experiences and growth together. Honestly I just love this game so much I don't think it'll ever leave my mind. Thank you so much for giving us such a special experience. Really thank you !! <33


I recorded this months ago and just now finally finished editing and uploaded it, and I got hit in the feels all over again. I will love my GAYBIES forever, you've made such a truly special experience and I just know this is going to hit home and help so many people feel a little less alone <3


wow. i already loved the first one when playing, but now i just relate to this so much more. i can find a piece in me with all of the characters, even down to mins storyline in leaving cali to florida with family (although i cant move back sadly) this is an amazing game and honestly one of the best things to me especially because im still figuring myself out <333

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Loved this game so much. I played the first game when I was about the same age as the characters and still figuring myself out. At the time, the first game was a bright ray of gay joy for me and I was far more naïve and clueless but it was perfect because it was a formative time, so I developed great attachments to these characters and so they have a nostalgia-like feeling surrounding them. 

Now, after going to college for 2 years, and many, many big life changes of maturing as a person and gaining a new appreciation and love for different aspects of my life that came from comprehending transgenerational trauma/breaking the cycle of trauma among other things that I can't remember the names of right now. 

So playing this game and seeing these concepts put into such a beautiful narrative, in experiences and thoughts that the characters were having which were so similar to my own, of concepts  that I can now put into words, and acknowledge their affects on myself, was such a satisfying experience that made me really appreciate what you did storytelling and writing-wise. 

Thank you so much for making Butterfly Soup. After playing the first one, I never expected a second but here I am pleasantly surprised and emotionally exhausted, in the best way possible. Again, I do not expect a third game, but I will say I will be looking forward to anything you create in the future! Whether that be a sequel or an entirely different thing in general, I support whatever endeavors you take on! And even if you were to make nothing that is completely fine too. 

I love you author and I just wanted to express how much I appreciate the love, dedication, goofiness and... "genuine-ness?" that you put into these games. Thank you so much for existing, I love you.

(just reading through all the other reviews that are much shorter and thinking about how long mine is... maybe I should give it a day after finishing an emotionally impactful game to write a review that is less... emotional lol)

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Basically the same as my first comment onthe first game I love this so much the art is so beautiful and I'm hoping for a part 3 please about their further relationships 

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Great game, really well written!

Nicely done! Reminds me a little of my multi-racial childhood and the clash of different cultures.

I adored the first game, but felt a little sad that Akarsha and Noelle didn't get as much narrative/emotional weight as Diya and Min's story. This follow-up balances things out perfectly -- taken together, I think this is an all-timer visual novel. Love these characters, love the writing and VN direction, love these games so so much. Thanks for making and sharing these stories.

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Butterfly Soup 2: Eccentric Boogaloo

Hit a somewhat puzzling bug playing on controller (Windows, v1.11), near the beginning of the game. When navigating from the library to the classroom, once you're in the courtyard, selecting the footprints icon with a controller actually gets you 'Look outside the locker room', which gives you the icons for the previous screen but doesn't change the art. I went back to the library once (sorry, librarian) before thinking to try the mouse and lo and behold, with a mouse hover the same option is actually 'Go to class' and lets you progress.

Didn't notice any similar issues with the rest of the game but also it's not like I tried both input options on every UI element so how would I TRULY KNOW? (thinking emoji here)

10/10 even with a gratuitous library detour, will play again in a year or two


i absolutely LOVED!!! the first game so when i found out there was a second one i cannot express how much i freaked out !!! (positively)

this game is so fun and it has really memorable moments! i absolutely adore the characters and their funny hijinks. i very much thoroughly enjoyed playing and i definitely recommend others to play as well!  

So, so hilarious, with some surprisingly deep moments as well. I totally wish it was longer! 


Thank you, Ms. Lei I love this so much I wish It could be longer. But just saying, Akarsha and Min were my favorite. I love you! Can't wait for the third one.

Btw, my favorite part in the 1st is when Diya caught Min walk out the boys bathroom

No kidding, one of my favourite games ever. 

My own experiences line up with a lot of the stuff in Butterfly Soup 1 and 2, and it was honestly great for recognizing some of the emotional baggage around identity and family and culture that I still have now. I can see myself in the characters and their thoughts and anxieties, and its bittersweet. I wish I had this game while growing up, it would've been more helpful than my therapist.

Absolutely amazing. I remember discovering the first part to be a hidden gem, and the sequel delivered to the max. The writing is remarkable, the vibe is hysterically good.

I'm so sad I finished the series so there is no more :(

I hope this amazing story gets to continue

I finally played Soup 2 after getting my friend to play the first one. They're so damn genuine, organic, and authentic. I wish it was twice as long.

This has been on my waiting list for so long. Hard to believe it's actually here!

So much was talked about, and all the characters only become more endearing with every line. It's clear so much work went into this. It's brilliantly written; it looks amazing! And it was a WHOLE lot more relatable than I thought it would be.

Thank you so much for gifting us this story!


i love this game so much, I played the first one like 2 year ago and it was amazing and I was so happy to find out there's a 2nd one!! I relate with so many of the characters like Diya and Noelle, I'm so happy to find this game. The ending part made me so happy I cried!!:D Idk if there's gonna be a 3rd game but it would be amazing!! I have no idea what it would be about but maybe it's on the other characters? Like Liz! She's so cute!! Or maybe it would be about their future? Either way if there isn't a third game then I'm still really happy about the 2 games released!!! This makes me really happy and also made me realize things about myself!!!

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this game is just so damn good is there going to be a pt 3?

I hope that's in the cards 


Hi hi I'm from Taiwan I'm a slug

Back then through Kinugawa<--I love her too

After seeing your work, I am deeply fascinated

when there is no money

I can only recommend to ~all my friends~ come and see Butterfly Soup

I'm just here to say

Haha I finally have the ability to Donate to you

love you 🫶 author

Looking forward to seeing your other works, if not, it’s okay

I will still love you 🥺


this game makes me love being a lesbian. the first one really helped me figure out my sexuality when i was a freshman, it means a lot to play the sequel now as a senior :)


Pros of this game:

Gay people

PORTAL references

One of the cutest things ive ever seen

Cons of this game:



Why make a game about gay people when they're disgusting bro? Why not learn to code actual games like RTS or TBS? Or an action game, simulation game, etc? This is like 20th crappy novel game in here and probably like 3rd that I saw in a single minute. Learn to code.


Learn to get a life instead of writing pointless hate. Do you have nothing better to do than keep your terrible opinions to yourself? Or is your pathetic existence just that sad that you're resorting to putting your negative comments on masterpieces? 

You are not only making yourself look stupid but also being extremely homophobic for no reason. 

Also it is extremely hard to learn how to code and make complex games that you want. If you are so desperately craving action games then;

1st try coding one yourself and realise how difficult and how much work goes into the production of one and 

2nd go to steam or just simply search up 'Action' in the obvious search bar at the top of your screen in you are so focused on that type of media.

There is no reason whatsoever to post this except for the sheer purpose of making other people's day worse. You'll find that it instead just makes you look like an idiot. Learn to be less of an A-hole.


I am pretty sure this is a fake profile.


Ok so Butterfly Soup 3 when?

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i played the first game back in middle school and recently saw that the second game is out. i'm in my final year of high school right now and seeing that itch.io email made me remember how genuinely important this game was to me when i was younger. playing through this game now that i'm older, i can't help but think back to when i was 14  in the midst of sexuality, gender and cultural identity crisis. i have no idea if you'll even see this comment, but thank you so much for creating this game, it really made me feel validated at a time where it felt like everything was wrong, that my identity was wrong. 

overall 10/10 game, so genuinely relatable as a queer first gen asian immigrant lol (i vividly remember the exact argument that diya had with her mother about shaving and what happened afterwards happen to me with my mother aha)


Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much i truly love this game. i would literally kill to play butterfly soup for the first time again, thank you sm for making a sequel!


i just finished the first game on twitch and i have to say it is definitely one of my favorites. 😊. the chemistry between all the characters is amazing, and even the side characters add such a great dynamic. thank you for making this amazing piece of art. 


the way diya ruined the cake lit happened to me like last week 😭😭😭

im so happy that you created a second part to this game :-) i played your first game in sixth grade (so its been basically 3 years now) and it's what helped me find who I am today. i really appreciate these two games so much and i could definitely replay this again and still be amused; i bought your bonus art and i am glad i was able to support you, i will anticipate your upcoming game(s) and support them all!! thank you brianna lei for an amazing visual novel <333333


i will begin from the disadvantage,i guess

the choices in different color is not such a good idea, hard to read the words in the white textbox.

what's others,emm, characters are colourful and lovely, stories are real( at least real as what i faced), some emotions aren't deep  enough through the game play, but it do touches me.

as a Chinese and German mixed blood, within a asia face and european skin, and a les now, seriously, it's such a surprise to found the game, really luv it, and can't wait to play the part3( livin in china makes me hardly browsing Twitter and made my shitty grammer, sorry of that)

ps:another lovely things is about the novel, before i fall, so glad of me when i see the poem and the rose in part2( also the rose trick were mentioned in part1, i luv that novel)


I just want to say this. This game is perfection in every way every character feels real, story is amazing, Ost is great, and was laughing out loud at multiple points. Also representation I hate in most forms of media it feel like the representation is a stat that you put points into but giving less points into the other aspects. I also have that people go "Its representation it doesn't matter if its good or bad" but it dose. That why I love this game, it doesn't treat representation as a stat it shows it as an ability. cant wait for what's next of Brianna Lei. 11/10 idfc that that's not how points work I will remember this masterpiece for the rest of my like I also just realized I didn't say the art is also extraordinary so yea support this guy he is amazing and when I play this again one day I will probably cringe at the sight of this review but this is just my brain on truth so yea.


AHHHHHHH!!!!!! This game was one of the first that I ever downloaded from itch.io! I remember I was scrolling through and clicked on the first game because of the interesting name. I found the concept interesting, but funnily enough, I probably wouldn't have downloaded it if Miles Edgeworth wasn't mentioned in one of the screencaps lol. Just seeing his name, I was sold. Clearly this game was made by someone with refined tastes.

But no matter my stupid reasons for downloading, I fell in love with Butterfly Soup, so much so that I still use some of the art as my pfp on some sites. I love the art, the story, the characters. There's a lot I could go on about. It's safe to say that this game holds a very special place in my heart. I haven't played this one yet, it's still downloading, but I wanted to thank you, the creator, even if you may never see my dumb ramblings! I'm very excited to play this!!! :D <3

I agree the art is amazing. I just feel sad that as I am not probably the target audience (male and straight) that I will not enjoy it, but I am going to try it anyway.

Don't worry, I'm not either, haha. I thought I was when I played the first game, but I've since discovered that I am a trans man. So don't feel too sad about not being part of the target audience! I hope you like it! :)

Do you need to have played the first Butterfly Soup to understand this game or is this standalone? I played the first game when it came out but I've forgotten it all now


You can play without problems, but imo the game gets even better when you remember the first one


Thank you,  Brianna Lei! When Noel went to Taiwan, it hit a bit too close to home. Although I am not Taiwanese I still get that cultural thing. I feel too American to be Filipino and too Filipino to be American. And my family really wants me to learn the language but it feels like they never even try to encourage me to.

I was at the grocery store and there were these little girls speaking a different language with their mom. I thought to myself "I'm supposed to be like that." I feel like a disappointment.

My family is planning to go to the Philippines. I'm so nervous because all I can think about is being an alien in a place that's supposed to be home.

And I didn't know all that much about Desi people and the differences and all (am I using the word correctly?). ^_^ very informational

Also, the ending credits. hahaha the handcuffs

Thank you Brianna Lei!




same!! I so wish there was more of these characters


I remember playing the first game when I was a """"definitely-not-gay"""" person, and it helped me a lot to accept my sexuality. Now, years later, I'm just genuinely happy after playing this sequel; It's beautiful.

I'm not the type of person to thank the developers for a game, but I think I need it in this case. Thank you so much, Brianna Lei (and everyone that helped the game in some way or another, of course)!


<3 Now all we need is a third game which tells us the story of Noelle and Akarsha actually getting together.

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