Butterfly Soup 2 - Fan made Android and Web port

This is a fan made port by HackerNCoder. Join me at the Queerscriptors to translate the game.

It is also available on Google Play Store.

A sequel to Butterfly Soup, a romantic sports visual novel about gay Asian-American teens playing baseball and falling in love.

Set a few months after the events of the original story, the game switches between the perspectives of Diya, Noelle, Akarsha, and Min-seo as they navigate high school life in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • 2-4 hours long
  • Memes (unfortunately)

The game is free, but you can support Brianna by buying the digital artbook for $5!

This game explores sensitive topics including homophobia, Asian anti-Black racism, and China/Taiwan relations. Please check out the full content warning list if you think you need it! 

StatusIn development
PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
AuthorBrianna Lei
Made withRen'Py
Average sessionA few hours


com.briannalei.butterflysoup2-1.10.apk 324 MB

Also available on

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 i just finished it but gonna play it again

i love this sm

literally made me cry i love this game so much

gentle request for an ios port u_u <3

I won’t be doing it.

when  you finish a game and your like me, it becomes hard and kinda painful doesnt matter what game it is easspecialy if youve played the game and took mulitple days to finish it it like you have to find a whole new distractions i hate when they end even knowing a new part si coming out helps me but letting go on games is aching for me and will never stop unless i stop thinking about it but comes back when my mind remembers something i love this game really just sad i can only play it once (i know i can i mentally cant handle replaying it) i mostly play more than watch because movies are just always triggering they do things that sometimes makes me uncomtrable like sitting and having to finish it games for me are better you can decide and be in control anyway you dont need to mind this comment ik its long it just makes me feel better knowing my feelings are out somewhere.

damn that sucks. hopefullly you can find a new hobby. i would reccomend going to the gym. That stuff is so much fun.

im gonna cry 

I adore both fo the games, and they have really got me excited to do sport again. Hopefully I'll be joining a gym soon :)) .  Its also made me more comfy with the idea of being like fit and strong and being feminine. 

tysm for making this game !!!

my mom is actually taiwanese and this game really hits the spot with the Noelle part, over all good game i'm looking forward for part 3 :)

i will begin from the disadvantage,i guess

the choices in different color is not such a good idea, hard to read the words in the white textbox.

what's others,emm, characters are colourful and lovely, stories are real( at least real as what i faced), some emotions aren't deep  enough through the game play, but it do touches me.

as a Chinese and German mixed blood, within a asia face and european skin, and a les now, seriously, it's such a surprise to found the game, really luv it, and can't wait to play the part3( livin in china makes me hardly browsing Twitter and made my shitty grammer, sorry of that)

ps:another lovely things is about the novel, before i fall, so glad of me when i see the poem and the rose in part2( also the rose trick were mentioned in part1, i luv that novel)

ive waited so long for this game and I cannot WAIT to finally play it

That was amazing and adorable

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AAAH im gonna miss this game so much!! this was definitely one of the best games I've played I loved all the characters so much and it was nice to see them again *ugly sobbing* If you ever make a game again even if not related to butterfly soup ill definitely play it!

he!how about making a mac?I really want to play it!

There already is one?


I love how relatable they all are


Loved the first one, so I was so glad to see a second!! It's like I get to experience Butterfly Soup for the first time again!


now we NEED a third one. it's decided

omg yessss

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I just finished playing it on Google Play, and I love it!

The only thing I'm disappointed about is that we didn't really get a confirmation about Diya being demi.


I love this game so much! I've actually made a thematical Spotify playlist for each character if someone would like to check it out :)





Enjoy <3


havent even played yet ik its gonna be fire


absolutely bootiful. the post-credits stuff was just L M A O .


(1 edit)

literally 2 minutes in and it's worth a 5-star rating lmao


I love how in the first game the post credit scene was all cute and stuff but then in the sequel it was just...



i need to know if jun and hayden get togther

omg yes