Butterfly Soup is coming out this Saturday, 9/16!

  • It'll be free!! (If you want to support me, though, I’ll also be releasing a concept art/commentary PDF for $5!)
  • It's about 3-4 hours long depending on your reading speed.

THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR BEING SO PATIENT AND WAITING FOR ME, THE WORLD’S SLOWEST GAME DEV!!! Here’s what I’ve been doing (besides finishing the game): 

I went back and cleaned up/completely redrew every single sprite!!! All the sprites are improved in some way, but special shoutout to these:

  • Diya now has a ^-^ expression. The smol version in particular is mindnumbingly cute and a good explanation for why min acts like.........that

  • Akarsha now has a :3 expression

Chat interface has been improved with icons! You can now also save during chats (which wasn’t possible before). 


Also, see that new leftmost arrow on the menu bar? You can click it to go backwards, in case you accidentally missed something and wanna see it, not just read it in the history log. I’ve got your back!!! 

As mentioned before, looking around now has icons so you can clearly see where you’re supposed to click.


ALSO, I’ve figured out how to integrate translations into the game! I would love to collect as many languages for the game as possible, so if you or someone you know is interested in translating it, please reach out to me!!!!

The game is functionally done, so I’ll be spending the remaining time revising the script and polishing stuff, like having the characters blink!

Thanks for reading!! I’m really excited for you guys to play it :>

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