Thanks for all the demo feedback!!

A lot of people have been sending me  nice comments and honest  criticism on my demo, and I'm really grateful! I'll be leaving the demo download as is, but here's a list of things that will be different for the full version that will be released in the future: 

  • Interactable objects now have icons on them, so you don't have to search for them!!! I'm super pleased with this improvement, thank you to everyone who mentioned it!!! 
  • More things to interact with on those screens
  • Some of the dialogue will be revised, including extra lines when looking at the dog
  • Reduced the frequency of shaking sounds! Hopefully fewer headaches now
  • The menu sounds are much more pleasant and fancy now! 
  • I'll be reducing the number of fonts used in the game to get them more stylistically consistent. 
  • I'll be doing a second pass on a lot of the inconsistent looking background art 
  • No one actually pointed this out, but I'll be doing a second pass on Noelle's sprites as well, since they're not as polished as the others. 
  • The title screen art will be different! 
  • There will be a "back" button allowing you to go backwards through dialogue you missed. I initially thought the History feature served this purpose, but I think people want to take screenshots of specific lines LOL 
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to get stuck if you clicked an interactable object while having the menu screen open

Stuff I still have to figure out: 

  • The skipping options are unclear - You can toggle it to stop skipping after choices in the Settings, but it's off by default. There's no obvious way to stop it in the middle, so you can end up accidentally skipping more than you want to.
  • Option to toggle bg parallaxing on/off. I really want this since some people find it annoying, but it's hard

Thanks again to everyone who's played and left feedback (both encouraging and helpful)!! A lot of these changes I would never have thought of if it weren't for testers pointing out things that can be improved. I'm hoping to post the final version within the next one or two weeks, so stay tuned! 

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