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months ago i promised myself i'd re-download this a second time when i was finally able to pay for it. this is the most incredible, funny, heartwarming game that i have lost hours in and i love it. thank you so much for these gays!

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This Game mean so much to me, especially Diya cuz I'm quiet like her. This game actually kind of helped me move out of it. And I cant even say how cute it was! Thanks! This game is honesty the best thing in the world.

- Also it would be cool to see how Min/Diya's parents reacted to their relationship


This game is fucking amazing, for one, and for two, the bonus art PDF has made me realize that "Everything Everything" is dope. Thanks so much for the one, and also for the two!

Also, yesterday I nearly asked my coworker if he would eat a tiny man for a million dollars, because I share Akarsha's passion for True Comedy B3


Can I like,,, marry these girls?

Akarsha is my true love. Also, Chryssa and her puns? <33333


I cannot describe how much this game meant to me. Each character resonated with me in so many different ways it's scary. Perfectly sums up the Asian experience (and especially the Asian queer one). Thank you so so much. I love this so much. <3

Hey girl, rat piss.


Oh man I love this! This vn has great artwork, great characters, great story, great ending, real issues, real feelings, and most of all;  REAL LOVE! 12/10! I loved every joke (me being the meme/otaku that I am and I even teared up a little(that's saying something!). I look forward to any projects in the future you work on, as they will surely be a success! 



Please let Butterfly Soup be available for Chrome OS!!! My friends and I have Chromebooks and we really want to play it, but it's pretty much impossible. If anyone knows a way that it can be downloadable on Chrome OS, please let me know.


i'm crying i??? love this game so much??? Akarsha is officially my new wifeu and I almost cried twice 11/10 


I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!! Each of the character's were so well written and I ended up falling in love with all of them.  The ending was perfect! This game fed into my weird sense of humor and I love it. I hope the creator comes out with another game similar to this soon.


Great game. Funny, heartwarming and charming. Lovely storytelling with a satisfying ending. Can't wait to see what you do next!

its not wroking. it wont let me play ;-;


Honestly my favorite game probably ever. The characters are well thought out, well developed, and relatable. The art is dazzling, the story is moving and beautiful, the gay is just right, and the memes are crispy. My only problem with it is that I am unable to play because I have a Chromebook. But other than that, I loved it! What more could someone ask for in a visual novel?


 I have some strong opinions about Noelle


I just finished the game and honestly I relate to all of them so much because being in an Asian household, honestly? The things shown throughout the game are so damn accurate. Teared up a few times and I just... I love it.


if u wuv et sow mucheh y noteh maree et ( ‾ ʖ̫ ‾)


Beautiful game and the memes made it even better


Really loved this. Funny and touching and relatable. Teared up a bit in a couple spots. Thanks!


Hi!! I just wanted to say how beautiful this game is and how the humor is just 11/10 it made me laugh n smile so much! And although 10 bucks isnt rlly much i hope it helps in a little way :'') im a broke kid but this is an amazing and beautifully crafted game!!

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So I found this game some days ago and played it actually.. 3 or 4 times? it's just so beautiful .. every time when I finish the game I miss it ;-; it also changed my view of life a little bit. thanky you for creating auch a beautiful thing! I laughed and cried so muuuuuch 

I want more of Diya and Min..;-; and I wanna see what's gonna happen to Akarsha and Noelle!

Yeah, I just played the game yesterday. And I totally shipped Akarsha and Noelle. I also get what you mean by it changed your view on life and how you miss it when it's over. I hope there is more to this amazing story!


i just finished this, and i'm already missing the characters. this was really enjoyable. i hope you do a sequel in the future.


for whatever amount of time i spent playing this game, i felt like everything in life was gonna be okay. thank you so much for making this

I loved the story, and the characters. All their problems are so genuine, and so are their interactions with eachother.

One thing I do want to point out is that while it's an amazing story, the choices didn't seem to add too much. Much of the time the choices seemed not to matter at all, or if one didn't choose one they'd miss out on some story subtlety, as seen at Akarsha checking herself out in the window.

Still love it; easily one of the best things I've ever read/played/experienced.


Amazing game! Loved every moment of it! Keep up the good work!


p.s. i love this game. want more. thank you. i'll die if i dont get more.



we dont get what we always want. I wanted them to uhhh...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This game is seriously the best!!! My friend recommended it to me and I've played it over and over again. It made me laugh, cry, and just get all happy. It warmed my heart and I'm in love with the characters. I hope to get more content from the creators! We need more!! 
Y'all did an amazing job, overall. 




I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS GAME! I just finished playing it on my channel and all i can say is... i want a sequel! It's so incredibly wonderful to see such real and positive lgbtq+ content like this, it warms my heart. Even if you don't make a sequel to this, keep making games, because the passion and spirit i feel from you is exactly what the gaming community needs. <3 -Dani Cobalt


This game was so amazing and I absolutely loved playing through it! The storyline, the art, everything! I loved it!!!! Thank you for such an amazing game!


This is literally the best game i have ever f*cking played like omg, i thought it was gonna be boring BUT AHHHHHHHHHH IM GAY FOR AKARSHA


Not a big fan. I don't like the blatant racism. Also, the game was SUPER boring. I skipped everything after the baseball game playing as Diya. It was just.. boring. Not fun. Not realistic.


...isnt the "blatant racism" there to point out how poc are treated in america and how poc respond in turn?

I literally live an hour from Oakland in a mostly Asian neighborhood, and everything the characters said and experienced was something that resonated with me and my friends. Every pale skinned Asian has to go through someone yelling ching chong or konichiwa at them, even if you are neither Chinese nor Japanese. All of us had faced similar pressure from parents, and when we talked back, we were told we were horrible, ungrateful children. We were taught that the freedom white parents gave their children in choosing a career was foolish and ill-advised. Have you just not experienced these things. making you believe it's fake?



Ain't racist. It's actually really accurate, if a bit exaggerated at times.


I just want to thank you so much, this masterpiece of a game had charecters even though I'm hella white and much so very young it made me fall in love. I realte to each charecter, especially Akarsha where she makes jokes and flirts jokingly to hide her real feelings and her real self who is dark and very well....suicidal. Going through a rough middle school where I've seen my friends and one girlfriend raped or assualted and now trying to conquer highschool and eventually life....this game makes me appreciate the value of your friends. Maybe my friends aren't as deeply rooted as since elementary since i moved a lot but, you made a game that gave me confidence to come out to my family and my normie non close friends. So all I can say is thank you, and I hope for more games like this by you in the future. May you all live peacefully, and prosper fully. May the butterfly soup I am be able to learn the same.


It touch my hearth!!! Thank you TwT!!!!!!!!!


THIS IS THE BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!  seriously though this game has been the most enjoyable game i have played in awhile, and it brought me so much joy while playing it. thank you for making this game, i absolutely loved it <3 


AAAAAAAAAA i loved this game so much, it was so heartwarming,  hhjftfju

 make a second one pls


I loved this game so much! It's the best kind of comfort food. Thank you for making it!


Hello. I downloaded Butterfly Soup recently as I love visual novel games. I wasn't expecting much tbh but I was completely blown away! Words cannot describe how much joy this game brought to me. The characters will definitely stay with me forever and I hope you know you made a visual novel masterpiece <3 Also I really wish there was more merch as I would buy it up in a heartbeat haha! <3

this game is so good, i LOVE it. best visual novel ive read! <3


this is??? the best sports anime-not-anime???? wow! 10/10 the coming-of-age story we need and deserve.

i can't help but think that i'd be happier sooner if this existed for me when i was a kid. you're changing lives bro! coming from an asian immigrant family, these characters were so relatable and through this very short time, i seem to have personally connected with them... how dare you make me feel things. thank you for bringing me to laughs and tears, but most of all to bringing to life these wonderful girls and their stories! heart emoji sparkle emoji heart emoji

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