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Omg! This is such a good game! 100% Supportive if Butterfly Soup 2 comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!! #MinIsTheBest


I live in Oakland. This is accurate description of Oakland. Therefore, use this game as a map to interacting with us Oaklanders.



this was so well done oh my god,, everything was so spot on, from the back stories, the plot, the depth, the music, the memes and the characters?? damn i love this with my whole heart <333

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OMG, I lovvvvvvvved this.

You accept request for translations? xD

(I would like for translate it into spanish!)


I screamed a lot, I laughed a lot, and I related a lot. this game is a gem and I'm eternally grateful for its existence thank u. I love the art the memes and the storytelling!! I really want to see more about the characters' lives and the baseball team and if their problems with their parents are ever resolved.

I will never not laugh so hard I cry at min +akarsha



this game is AMAZING i'd give it a million outta million i love the art and story so much :)


this is game is a beautiful masterpeice that should win every award for a game ever!!! 100/10 would play a million times again 

has great and relateble characters, MEMES, and great stroytelling 

Knows when to be serious and to be humorous and the tranisitons between the serious moments and the homuors momments is expertly done. 




she is!! its coming out rlly soon!


I love this

I love all of this

This is amazing

I love this so muchhhh

Please part 2


im SOBBINGthis game is so good thank u i love u so much


Hey! I really enjoyed the game and would like to translate it in to Turkish!

Do you accept requests for translations or?


Hi there, thanks for offering to translate it! Please message me on either my twitter or tumblr (which are on my profile page) so I can send you more details!


It should be illegal for this game to end. My poor lesbian heart can't take being denied these sweet precious goobers...


Words can't describe how amazing this game is. The only criticism I have is that it was too short, and I really would've wanted to see more of everyone else in the baseball team. Probably the best visual novel I've ever played!


ever wonder what perfection is? look no further folks. but seriously, thank you for this experience. I don't think I've ever related this much to anything. the art is beautiful and the dialogue feels so real. I hope I get to see more of these wonderful characters. they totally remind me of my friends and I. plus, the end had me thinking a lot, and I feel even more grateful for the meme-loving dorks I hang out with. it's awesome knowing there's stuff like this to let you know it's okay to be a mess sometimes.


Good game, I love it! I like the art and dialogue!!!


Congratulations on making such a beautiful game! I loved the characters, the dialogue, and your art style. Also, the ending is great! Even though the game is relatively short, when the credits appeared, I was left with that feeling that I had been through events in my life with a group of friends, and a bit sad that it was over. For me, this is one of those feelings that are associated to good narrative and good game design. I hope we will be able to experience some more of these amazing characters' lives, and I wish you the best for your future projects!


I absolutely adored this game & all the extra booklet pictures/descriptions were a nice treat for when I finished!! I relate pretty hard to Diya, being half deaf and the WORST at social communication. Wish when I get nervous I'd run 3 miles though, i'd be so in shape!! I really love how authentic, gay and cute this game is - and actually very informative, while being laced with that realness underneath. I will defo look out for more of your work! ! <3


This is absolutely beautiful!

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I can't get it to work. BitDefender says it's malicious. 


Ok turned off anti-virus software and now it works.

PART DAMN 222222222!!!!


Overall, this game was beautifully made and felt so realistic to me. It was funny and had a great story line with relatable . I have never done this over a game, but I cried at that ending and when I saw that extra at the end. This was truly amazing and will always cherish this game. 

i love this game, its so butifule, and i can totally ralate to diya XD

Amazing! plz make another game or a part 2!

I've got no words, I mean it was just an amazing game! I'm so glad I had the chance to play it and the message through the story really touched me. I hope you make a second part or something!! :)


Made an account just to comment, this game ROCKS! The characters are so realistic, they're just these absolute weirdos with a strange sense of humor which nails exactly what everyone was like when they were in high school (I know I was) and that is also the message of the game :) that it's okay to be different. The sexuality comes as just a small part of the bigger picture all about the struggles of growing up like expectations, troublesome parents and school life. Each of the character's have their flaws like Diya's social anxiety or Min's aggression and that makes them so much more whole! Watching the weird shits the group gets up to is lots of fun. Would reccomend!


I forgot to rate this game. But, OH MY GOD. If you haven't yet played this game, PLAY. IT. NOW. It's amazing, filled with real feeling and believable characters that you instantly fall in love with.

The art is amazing, it's hilarious and in no way takes advantage of the characters sexually, and instead tells a story that makes you feel for all of these characters.

Though it doesn't have much game play or  give you much choice in the story, it's still increasingly enjoyable and in one of my top favorite games ever.

I don't really spoil anything so just go play it for yourself!

In summary, amazing, hilarious game and I wanna buy some merch. :)

I love this game so much! Not just the storyline, but the art style and character design, too, and the characters were very relatable! I don't usually find games that I can relate to background-wise, coming from a city where everyone I knew was either a first or second generation immigrant, but that wasn't the case with this game. I want to talk about one of the scenes a bit, and it's not that much of a spoiler I think.

The scene is the one where Min, Jun and Evil Dragon talk about the percent of Asians in the U.S. I grew up in Canada, but it seemed like in my city/area the people were 90% Middle-eastern, 9% Asian, and 1% white, and because of this I thought the rest of Canada was the same. And after moving away to a city where over 90% of the people are white I developed an opinion on white people similar to Min's, since here kids are typically raised by racist families and they aren't exposed to other cultures or skin colours. The culture shock was pretty strong! Luckily I found a great group of friends, one of which seems like a clone of Akarsha's personality now that I think about it.

I love Buttyerfly Soup and Pom Gets Wi-Fi, so I'm excited to see your future games!


thank u for making this game ;; i've never related to a character this much before


i need more stories like this in my life


So much to comment on! First, I'm extremely pleased that I am not the only indie game dev to feature the Oakland Athletics in a video game. This "review" will be long and personal, but I wanted to share it a bit since this game made me think a lot more about my upbringing and past than I expected to, going in.

Spoilers for the game below this point! Look out, folks!

Similar to many of the protagonists in this game, I grew up in a bit of a strict setting where I was expected to always do well in school and expected to not date during high school. This is pretty much akin to Noelle's experience: the entire sequence where she gets an A and her parents berate her reminded me of the time I got a 100% on a test and was scorned for not doing better (there was no extra credit for me to do better even if I wanted to).

The political backdrop of the game is pretty interesting as well, and served more to make the characters feel real than it did to distract from the plot. Obama's 2008 win and the Prop 8 debate play tangential roles, and I like how it was handled. The only thing to break realism for me was that some of the character dialogue felt more 2010's than mid-late 2000's, but it wasn't enough to distract me from the game.

Let's talk baseball, now. I already mentioned how excited I was to see the A's in a game. When I went in I didn't expect a game that would actually involve baseball, more of what I expected was baseball as a background setting. I grew up with a love of the game (my most stereotypical American trait) and, unfortunately, a love for my local Orioles team. I wish my high school did have a baseball team when I attended, but alas, I wound up in tennis.

Finally, and this is probably the most depressing point to end on: seeing this group of fictional girls be friends among one another and having a common experience with regards to their ethnic background left me deep in contemplation. From my name on here I'm sure you can guess that I'm of Arab descent, but funnily enough, I never grew up with anybody of a similar background. The game talks about how the characters, living in the California Bay Area, didn't realize that outside their bubble not many Asians existed. I guess it was something I never had, and it did get me wondering just what my childhood and high school life would have been like if there were others like me. At the very least, this game let me live vicariously to catch a glimpse of what that might have felt like.

Definitely recommending this to people. Thanks for making such an original work!


Best visual novel ever. At one point I was just yelling "YAAASSSSS" XD


Can I play the game  even if I'm not gay?



omg ar you gonna get more jackets i really want one


lol i might have fallen in luv with Akarsha

precious game. Min seo is my child ffs

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