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PART DAMN 222222222!!!!


Overall, this game was beautifully made and felt so realistic to me. It was funny and had a great story line with relatable . I have never done this over a game, but I cried at that ending and when I saw that extra at the end. This was truly amazing and will always cherish this game. 

i love this game, its so butifule, and i can totally ralate to diya XD

Amazing! plz make another game or a part 2!

I've got no words, I mean it was just an amazing game! I'm so glad I had the chance to play it and the message through the story really touched me. I hope you make a second part or something!! :)


Made an account just to comment, this game ROCKS! The characters are so realistic, they're just these absolute weirdos with a strange sense of humor which nails exactly what everyone was like when they were in high school (I know I was) and that is also the message of the game :) that it's okay to be different. The sexuality comes as just a small part of the bigger picture all about the struggles of growing up like expectations, troublesome parents and school life. Each of the character's have their flaws like Diya's social anxiety or Min's aggression and that makes them so much more whole! Watching the weird shits the group gets up to is lots of fun. Would reccomend!


I forgot to rate this game. But, OH MY GOD. If you haven't yet played this game, PLAY. IT. NOW. It's amazing, filled with real feeling and believable characters that you instantly fall in love with.

The art is amazing, it's hilarious and in no way takes advantage of the characters sexually, and instead tells a story that makes you feel for all of these characters.

Though it doesn't have much game play or  give you much choice in the story, it's still increasingly enjoyable and in one of my top favorite games ever.

I don't really spoil anything so just go play it for yourself!

In summary, amazing, hilarious game and I wanna buy some merch. :)

I love this game so much! Not just the storyline, but the art style and character design, too, and the characters were very relatable! I don't usually find games that I can relate to background-wise, coming from a city where everyone I knew was either a first or second generation immigrant, but that wasn't the case with this game. I want to talk about one of the scenes a bit, and it's not that much of a spoiler I think.

The scene is the one where Min, Jun and Evil Dragon talk about the percent of Asians in the U.S. I grew up in Canada, but it seemed like in my city/area the people were 90% Middle-eastern, 9% Asian, and 1% white, and because of this I thought the rest of Canada was the same. And after moving away to a city where over 90% of the people are white I developed an opinion on white people similar to Min's, since here kids are typically raised by racist families and they aren't exposed to other cultures or skin colours. The culture shock was pretty strong! Luckily I found a great group of friends, one of which seems like a clone of Akarsha's personality now that I think about it.

I love Buttyerfly Soup and Pom Gets Wi-Fi, so I'm excited to see your future games!


thank u for making this game ;; i've never related to a character this much before


i need more stories like this in my life


So much to comment on! First, I'm extremely pleased that I am not the only indie game dev to feature the Oakland Athletics in a video game. This "review" will be long and personal, but I wanted to share it a bit since this game made me think a lot more about my upbringing and past than I expected to, going in.

Spoilers for the game below this point! Look out, folks!

Similar to many of the protagonists in this game, I grew up in a bit of a strict setting where I was expected to always do well in school and expected to not date during high school. This is pretty much akin to Noelle's experience: the entire sequence where she gets an A and her parents berate her reminded me of the time I got a 100% on a test and was scorned for not doing better (there was no extra credit for me to do better even if I wanted to).

The political backdrop of the game is pretty interesting as well, and served more to make the characters feel real than it did to distract from the plot. Obama's 2008 win and the Prop 8 debate play tangential roles, and I like how it was handled. The only thing to break realism for me was that some of the character dialogue felt more 2010's than mid-late 2000's, but it wasn't enough to distract me from the game.

Let's talk baseball, now. I already mentioned how excited I was to see the A's in a game. When I went in I didn't expect a game that would actually involve baseball, more of what I expected was baseball as a background setting. I grew up with a love of the game (my most stereotypical American trait) and, unfortunately, a love for my local Orioles team. I wish my high school did have a baseball team when I attended, but alas, I wound up in tennis.

Finally, and this is probably the most depressing point to end on: seeing this group of fictional girls be friends among one another and having a common experience with regards to their ethnic background left me deep in contemplation. From my name on here I'm sure you can guess that I'm of Arab descent, but funnily enough, I never grew up with anybody of a similar background. The game talks about how the characters, living in the California Bay Area, didn't realize that outside their bubble not many Asians existed. I guess it was something I never had, and it did get me wondering just what my childhood and high school life would have been like if there were others like me. At the very least, this game let me live vicariously to catch a glimpse of what that might have felt like.

Definitely recommending this to people. Thanks for making such an original work!


Best visual novel ever. At one point I was just yelling "YAAASSSSS" XD


Can I play the game  even if I'm not gay?



omg ar you gonna get more jackets i really want one


lol i might have fallen in luv with Akarsha

precious game. Min seo is my child ffs


BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED, THE BANTER, THE GROUPCHAT omg reminded me of my FRIENDS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the plot, slice of life aspects. Bunch of quirky weirdos, who always have a good time regardless!!!!!!!!! Amazing dialogue, unique and OMG THE KISS WAS SO CUUUTE, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS. I COULD RELATE TO THE WHITE PEOPLE JOKES TOO, THAT'S literally me and MY FRIENDS, AND THE STRICT PARENTS. 


this novel made me gayer........... i'm already gay enough


This is literally the best visual novel i've ever read. It's just perfect!


THANKS FOR SUCH AN AMAZING VISUAL NOVEL. This is the absolute BEST novel I have ever played in my life. I went out side and screamed that butterfly soup was the best visual novel. I hope theres a sequel and I plan on buying the pdf and donating as well. I loved this game because of the character, yuri, anime refrences, memes, relatable lifestyles, relatable parents,I have mins parents,and such. im not even in highschool yet. Thank you and goodjob.

(1 edit)

I loved most scenes (not a fan of smoking); and most dialogue (not a fan of the mocking the cyborg). But the pacing and flow from one scene to another was lacking, IMO. It didn't feel like a complete story to me - the scenes lacked the feeling of being built onto each other, and like it wasn't doing it to intentional effect.

Anyway, I really apprenticed the expressiveness of your characters. The language used was so damn clear. I just love it when a work's intent is comprehensible.

The music was really fabulous. It really set the moods. The character designs were great too.

I think it would be good to progress these characters even more. That would solve my woes, I hope.


I think this is the best visual novel I've ever played. Thanks for bringing this good shit into my life :)


I love the entire storyline and all the characters and the ending. I spent so much time thinking about it! Please make another one. I still want to ask, is Noelle heterosexual. I Love  the storyline because I love watching LGBTQ+ storylines. Maybe you could add a pansexual character if you ever make a sequel

It was confirmed by the creator that Noelle is a lesbian.


The story is engrossing, the art is amazing, the color scheme is quite well done, the characters are very well developed, and it's one of those games that just makes you smile the entire time. If you haven't played it yet, I would highly recommend it, because it's an obvious labor of love on Brianna Lei's part. Trust me, you'll love it! I personally can't wait to play it through all the way to the finale. ♡ 10/10


this was such an uplifting story!! all of the characters are adorable!!


A visual novel about baseball and falling in love is like the last kind of game I would expect to enjoy, but I absolutely loved it.



This is why i hate the new generation. Stop making the sexuality of the characters a big thing. Just make the damned game. 


You clearly dont understand that some games like this have the sexuality of the characters a main thing. I loved this game because of the character, yuri, anime refrences, memes, relatable lifestyles, real life hurts, and such. im not even in highschool yet.Your comment made no sense whatsoever.


A good game isn't (Or as agreed by many, shouldn't) revolve around things like the sexuality, or race of a character, it's how they contribute to the story, WHICH could be used as a good part of the plot, but the creator clearly doesn't see it that way. I could compare this to feminist frequency in stupidity and surface level thoughts. I must also ask, how the hell did it make no sense?


Your comment makes no sense because the sexuality of the characters drives the plot in a meaningful way. Play the game before making an ass of yourself next time





also this is suppose to represent crowds that dont get as much support as others. the aisan community in america is very small, so shes just helping out. and if you havent noticed yet, being gay is not something people accept as much as they would accept you being straight. if i were straight, or even remotely cuz im a lesbean, yum, i wouldnt have to come out to anyone. id be morally accepted by all, and life would be easier, not having to deal with peoples bullshit like yours. but instead I have to come out to anyone i care about, like, oh i dont know, my parents, friend, teachers, etc. i can tell by the way you chose to fight the creator on this wonderful choice, that you dont have to deal with the hardships others like myself do. which is a gift and a curse to you. a gift that you dont have to deal with the dissapointed looks of your peers, and a curse that you will never get to be as strong as someone who lives with that kind of pain and comes out stronger such as myself and others. so please. before you choose to speak your mind, which I fully encourage, try to see the point of view of those you are choosing to side against. 

Thanks mate



Lol if that's the case then I wouldn't take this stupid shit for making an edgy comment. Thanks for wasting your time, as you can see I waited 239 days to reply. 


this game was amazing! i'm so happy that such a wholesome game like this exists, for its incredible queer & poc representation, i am very, very, very thankful<3 very much anticipating that sequel!!!!;-)

also, ps, diya is such a mood


You aren't a true gamer, just a shitty SJW.


from what I keep reading, you are only here to bash on this game. Lisbeth didn't say they were a gamer. They probably are. They played a game. Go be salty somewhere else.

would this ever have the chance of becoming an app?? 


I loved it, also loved Noelle


you're awesome


Thanks for making this game!!! It's amazing to see games & media created for qwoc & qnbpoc that actually resonate with our experiences!! I loved every moment of it!


i miss it so much i loved it !!!


omb i love it



This game is so me!


luv it


Still really enjoying the story and hope you all are following along as well! I can't stress the great work put into this visual novel keep it up my friends!


being gay is a choice


being old is a choice


I mean yeah but, like, no.


I waited entirely too long to play through this due to my strong dislike for baseball. I'm so glad that I finally got around to it because it was so damn good! The writing was extremely good and the humor even had me laughing out loud at multiple points. Even the baseball was presented in a way that I was able to enjoy.

When I first started playing the game I was initially put off by how extreme of a character Min is. However once the game dug into her backstory I totally understand her and sadly kind of relate with her due to my own experiences with gender stuff.

Anyway I love this game a lot and it is being added to the list of games that I replay about once a year. I can't wait for the sequel!

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