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The very first video I did on my Freeware Friday series!

Dang cant download it. I keep pressing the RPG_RT like I should be but would not work


me is much lieeek  pom. wifi addict and loltalk

why is life so suck

yo mama sooo fat even dora couldn't explore her


Mac version is gone. :(


What do i do if the RPG_RT.exe doesn't appear on the zip? :( 

i think that its your rar app that you used for extract the game i guess, lol 

try a different rar app, i hope this helps (btw if you dont use an rar app i reccomend you use it xd)

sorry if my english is crap, im from brazil :>

you'll be fine if people can understand what you are saying at least


This needs to be remastered lmfao

the way of the weeb :>

Notice me senpai


All these years later and I finally got an itchio account and I still love this game. Hilarious and adorable

so uh I CANT USE MY LEGS i used wasd and arrow keys im on a hp microsoft btw

Hey! I'd love to help translate the game into either French or Latin-Mexican Spanish! Would you accept such a project? I've known this game for a while and I really like it <3 Also, I wanna donate come cash but I've no idea how ( ; _ ; )


wait im stupid... i downloaded it and it gives me a zip file full of random shit but what parts the GAME arggghhh


Open the zip -> go into the folder (there should only be one) -> start RPG_RT.exe

Btw, I'd recommend using the client, it makes browsing and downloading games way easier and you just have to click launch to start a game

i had to redownload this like 5 times when the internet failed me sooooo yee

Anyway, gr8 azz game you are the new fucking dog

help me plz i cant figure out what part the game is in the file i downloaded

dam this good sht tbh u doing gud my d00d

a++ doges

a++ animu

a++ hus/shibe

be the dog you want to be

i downloaded it but it keeps saying that theres a right resolution and i cant run it properly ;-; someone helps me please


I love this game. Im pom XD

lol this game is great

I've played this game like three times. Kamige tbh


you are a god you should know this

Deleted 2 years ago

same difference

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Hello. I made this account just to tell you that I really like this game. My life hasn't been the best but this game made me take a break from all that for a while and made me so happy. Makes me want to play it over and over again, even if it feels odd for a grown-ass man like me to be playing something like this... haha. But seriously, I'd honestly be really happy if this game ever got a sequel. You set out to make the least scary game ever, and you succeeded. Hope everything in your life is going good, and thanks again for making this game. :)


I hope you got a dog you wanted. Nice game


Don't think I didn't see that Pom reference in Butterfly Soup ;>


Played this one years ago and thought it was pretty cool... and now after all those years I check who the maker of Butterfly Soup is and it's you! Brilliance really does not come from out of nowhere!


I ship Shibe x Hus

mm yesh

agshs when i open it it said it was by a unknown developer but i fixed that but  hhhsxhnsd


same wtf :,(

same please help

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Hey guys, the old Mac version of Pom Gets Wi-Fi no longer works on newer OSes! There's a Mac-compatible port of the game in progress right now, you can play a mostly-complete version of it here. It's not totally polished yet, so please let me know if you run into any problems with it! 

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I laughed, I cried, I played it twice to get both endings.  A++++

(this game kept me uplifted while I languished on the couch for 2 days from a gym injury.  Thank you, creator of this game)

BTW, why were no hounds represented in the game?  Why do you hate hounds?

I wish i could play this game I've had it before on my old computer. But recently that one broke down and now i got a chrome book. But cant download anything :(

It's a little obnoxious but you could try using virtualbox or something similar? I had a chromebook before and that's the biggest problem with them.

when i entered the folder "resources" i didn't find any file named "game", can u help me?

Click on the READ ME text file. Then, you'll understand how to launch the game.


I just played this game and it's so cute and I love it so much. Pom gets me, omg. All her references made me laugh. Now to get the other ending(bad one I'm assuming, since I got the good'n).


this game is simply beautiful, although it would be cooler if it was more obvious to the player how to get the alternate ending


gud game


A game that will always make you laugh, I love this game. Will you ever have merch for it?

I'm planning to sell a little Pom Gets Wi-Fi merch on an online shop in the next one or two months! 



i played this game when i was younger and just now found the creator <3 <3 thank you so much for all the laughs 

i cant play it anymore :,((((( 

Sorry for this ultra late response! If you're playing the game on Mac, can you try the first answer listed on here?


i remember playing this when it first came out and i never got to say how much i love it. thank you for making my young self laugh so much

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My fave video game of all time!! Pom is super cute and on fiyahh. I want to be just like her


I remember playing this years ago when it first came out! It was such a pleasant, funny experience and the art is just adorable!


Just wanted to say HEY! big pom fan here! And also I've had your game since you made it ages ago, and I've replayed it again and again every time I introduce it to new friends of mine! Thanks for all the good times!!!

You're welcome, I'm really glad people still play and enjoy it after all this time!!! Thanks for the kind comment :>


I love how famous this cute funny game got! :D awesome job!!


Thank you!! :>

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