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a unica coisa que eu consigo lembrar é do luba jogando isso

How do I get the other ending?


Oh, this game feels so depressing. I love the Interlude theme which plays indoors. It feels so sad but I want to listen to it. Did you make it by yourself?


This game is incredibly sad if you know about butterfly soup...I almost cried after Pom and Shibe looked down at Dya and Min crying...

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Something really strange happened. I cant find the keys in the trash. I have talked to every character and tried everything!

LOUVADA SEJA DEUSA POM ( eu sou literalmente ela omg meu kokoroooooooooooo kami samaaaa )

I played it again after 6 years and it doesn't lose its charm.

i played this in 2015

love it!!(I play on my computer which doesn't have a itch account at all) 

i came because someone made a "GOD FUCKING DAMNIT KRIS, WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE" edit of this game, but i stayed because this was actually a really nice game

gud job :3 👍


omg I love all the games Brianna lei makes and love the art in all of the

Love the dialogue and the 999 reference

he hasn't been doing well this season
dying and all

What is the default font for this game? I couldn't find it in the game folder.

I honestly don't remember anymore, but I think it's the default RPGMaker 2003 font!


played this back in 2013 and loved it,  still amazing now in 2022


T--T i want this game so bad but i have a maccc


web browser port is linked in the description and install instructions!! :]


does someone know how to convert the battle theme song in a way it sounds like the original in the game? I've tried for ages and just got to something similar


This game aged so well


Is the download gone?  Can't seem to get it to work no matter what I do :(


somehow downloading it on my phone instead of my pc fixed this..


This game has aged SO well and was honestly way ahead of it's time. I watched pewds play this 8 years ago and watched it again last night and it was still just as amazing as i remember it! 



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Oh this was an absolute blast from the past. Glad I got to officially add it to my collection somewhere.

Getting the secret ending was harder than expected, lol. I was convinced that I kept clicking past it, looking up how to get it on the wiki, and went through it like 4-5 times only to discover I was locked into the bad route the whole time, lol.  Because I decided to take a certain picture. Note for the future: fuck Bernard.

Also: a sequel to the World Ends With You was indeed willed into existence, therefore ending is canon to the universe. It has been done. All is right with the world.

Edit, making not of my avatar: I nearly lost my shit at the reference to Garry. We are all stuck in 2012 gaming.


The promise: "Made on RPGMaker 2003 with the intention of being the happiest, least scary game ever made on that engine."

The delivery: The first significant event is a dog dying in a fire.

Next up: Insults and "Yo Mama" jokes.

After that: I quit the game.

i'm not a hater.  Butterfly Soup is one of the most amazing, greatest things to ever grace a computer. Most importantly, I recognize that I am literally the only person with anything negative to say about this game.

i can't press the New Game button on windows 10, any suggestions?

Does nothing happen when you press the Z button? (The controls are in the Read Me file in case you didn't see them)

ok now everythig works but i don't know what i did


this game feels so weird to come back to with modern internet humor, it feels like its a time capsule

its refreshing to have internet talk without needing to try and decipher 10 layers of post irony mixed in with 50 obscure memes to see if it was serious or a joke



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I've been thinking of playing this game since I first saw it on youtube in 2014. Finally got around to playing it in 2021 and it's a very impressive game. I had a very enjoyable time playing it.

Controls were fine, interacting with the other dogs made me laugh at times and the dialogue was kinda outdated internet speak, but still charming imo.

The art in this game is so pretty to look at. I dont see many games with this type of style that often and the color pallet isn't blinding your eyes. 

My only tiny gripe I have, which I'm super understandable about cuz theres probably only 1 person making this game, is I wish there were more dogs to meet or more funny dialogue. 

I like that pom was a bitchy character but hated playing as her. I'd loooove for there to be a sequel to this game  to see how much further you can build the world with new and existing dog characters. Maybe continue the story from where it left off or do it with cats instead, idk. 

Anyway, this game has literally been on my mind since 2014 and I had a very fun time when I eventually played it. 


This is the hero we need in the pandemic


Omg is totally makes sense after butterfly soup (you (guy(s) did amazing)


Just finished Butterfly soup...This game makes sense now


She did will it into existence. Thanks, Pom.


For some reason after the game ended and I quit, it really messed up the resolution on my computer.. I think it was Windows 10 on thinkpad


I eventually got it fixed and uninstalled the game, but when I turned the computer off and then on the problem came back


Sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue! I haven't heard of this one before...Have you tried right clicking your desktop and going to ‘Display Settings’ to check if the zoom is set to over 100%? If that doesn't work, I'd try resetting your screen resolution in the control panel


It's alright! I've managed to fix the problem, thanks for helping me out ^^


An important part of videogame history


I logged in to check if this game still exists.

Glad to say it still does,10/10.

it's the 1000 gecs of video games.


LOL NOW I get the reference to the Diya Pom thing! 

A game that will always make you laugh, I love this game. AHH SO CUTE



This game is just incredible!

Man, how did you manage to describe my life in a game? Pom is basically me, I'm fujoshi and I live in the world of the Yaoi. Shibe is my best friend, although he is not in love with his friend, I shipp them, like Pom shipping Hus and Shibe. Malty is my friend who together we talk about anime.

i loved the game and I really want a continuation if possible

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The unofficial prequel of the game is Butterfly Soup, where you see Pom and Shibe in the game's ending. As with the sequel, Brianna states that there probably won't be a sequel to Pom Gets Wi-FI. However the sequel to Butterfly Soup + possible future Butterfly Soup games might include Pom and Shibe.

Here's the source to her stating that it probably won't happen:


how do u change the aspect ratio its really bad on my pc hh

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