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This is the hero we need in the pandemic


Omg is totally makes sense after butterfly soup (you (guy(s) did amazing)


Just finished Butterfly soup...This game makes sense now


She did will it into existence. Thanks, Pom.


For some reason after the game ended and I quit, it really messed up the resolution on my computer.. I think it was Windows 10 on thinkpad


I eventually got it fixed and uninstalled the game, but when I turned the computer off and then on the problem came back


Sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue! I haven't heard of this one before...Have you tried right clicking your desktop and going to ‘Display Settings’ to check if the zoom is set to over 100%? If that doesn't work, I'd try resetting your screen resolution in the control panel


It's alright! I've managed to fix the problem, thanks for helping me out ^^


An important part of videogame history


I logged in to check if this game still exists.

Glad to say it still does,10/10.

it's the 1000 gecs of video games.


LOL NOW I get the reference to the Diya Pom thing! 

A game that will always make you laugh, I love this game. AHH SO CUTE



This game is just incredible!

Man, how did you manage to describe my life in a game? Pom is basically me, I'm fujoshi and I live in the world of the Yaoi. Shibe is my best friend, although he is not in love with his friend, I shipp them, like Pom shipping Hus and Shibe. Malty is my friend who together we talk about anime.

i loved the game and I really want a continuation if possible

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The unofficial prequel of the game is Butterfly Soup, where you see Pom and Shibe in the game's ending. As with the sequel, Brianna states that there probably won't be a sequel to Pom Gets Wi-FI. However the sequel to Butterfly Soup + possible future Butterfly Soup games might include Pom and Shibe.

Here's the source to her stating that it probably won't happen:


how do u change the aspect ratio its really bad on my pc hh

plz make merch sooner for my heart (ps: I LOVE THE GAME)


There is merch on Brianna's shop.  I have linked Brianna's tumblr FAQ. Her merch store is down right now, but when it opens back up again, you should be able to see existing Pom Gets Wi-Fi merch, such as the Pom and Shibe charms!


tank u 

u de best

<3 kkkk amei


I just played butterfly soup, and imdeiatly got the reference to this game! 


The ending was something...I love the jokes and the characters <3 beautiful pixel art as well c:

i realy realy realy love your art and game!! I hope you Will make another Amazing game!!

I Will keep support you '-'

But maybe with another account*-*)/


Butterfly Soup was the game released after this. Check it out if you haven't already!


Wait so you were referencing this in the end of Butterfly Soup?! Epic! Also please make more visual novels,  I love your work!


Heyyy!!! You noticed that too! Ahaha



i is stuk in cafe

i dont know wat todo to pawgress in da geim

somedog halp

You're supposed to talk to Bernard outside of da cafe, sorry i'm like 3 days late woops


also, sorry i'm 11 days late, but which one is bernard again? and where exactly is he? i talked to EVERYONE, but nothing's happening


i cant belive its the same creator of butterfly soup hoooooo myyyy


This game is so awesome!!! i love the dialogue and story!!

the best phrase you'll ever see in life''yaoi time''

i really need a freaking sequel to this. like, really bad


The very first video I did on my Freeware Friday series!

Dang cant download it. I keep pressing the RPG_RT like I should be but would not work


me is much lieeek  pom. wifi addict and loltalk

why is life so suck

yo mama sooo fat even dora couldn't explore her


Mac version is gone. :(


What do i do if the RPG_RT.exe doesn't appear on the zip? :( 

i think that its your rar app that you used for extract the game i guess, lol 

try a different rar app, i hope this helps (btw if you dont use an rar app i reccomend you use it xd)

sorry if my english is crap, im from brazil :>

you'll be fine if people can understand what you are saying at least


This needs to be remastered lmfao

the way of the weeb :>

Notice me senpai


All these years later and I finally got an itchio account and I still love this game. Hilarious and adorable

so uh I CANT USE MY LEGS i used wasd and arrow keys im on a hp microsoft btw

Hey! I'd love to help translate the game into either French or Latin-Mexican Spanish! Would you accept such a project? I've known this game for a while and I really like it <3 Also, I wanna donate come cash but I've no idea how ( ; _ ; )


wait im stupid... i downloaded it and it gives me a zip file full of random shit but what parts the GAME arggghhh


Open the zip -> go into the folder (there should only be one) -> start RPG_RT.exe

Btw, I'd recommend using the client, it makes browsing and downloading games way easier and you just have to click launch to start a game

i had to redownload this like 5 times when the internet failed me sooooo yee

Anyway, gr8 azz game you are the new fucking dog

help me plz i cant figure out what part the game is in the file i downloaded

dam this good sht tbh u doing gud my d00d

a++ doges

a++ animu

a++ hus/shibe

be the dog you want to be

i downloaded it but it keeps saying that theres a right resolution and i cant run it properly ;-; someone helps me please


I love this game. Im pom XD

lol this game is great

I've played this game like three times. Kamige tbh

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