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I don't know how I didn't find out about the sequel until today but I am literally shaking I'm so excited to play it


one of the best visual novels i've ever read TwT absolutely wonderful <33 


the future noelle/akarsha scene made me CRY. thank you for this gem


It's been months since I saw this one coming out but playing it is a really slow and smooth procedure for me, because I love this game soooo much and don't want to let it go...... I've cried several times while playing. Your writing hitted the center of my heart...... 

I'm willing to help translate this game into simplified Chinese if needed. 


when does it come out in br portuguese?

Soon. Its already in the QA phase, which is essentially the last thing that needs to be done before its sent off to be added to the game

So cute!! I loved the peek into the future, so freaking adorable <3



Please consider releasing the OST separately. I would buy it!

You can find the names of much of the music on the about/credits page.

Oh shoot, that's a good point.


Akarasha plays the cello = GOAT character


I love your game as always. It was stunning, I adored the culture added to it, the little bits of pieces of information on each background character and the added dance towards the end. Thank you for another amazing game. I loved their story along with Min & Diya's.


LOVED this sequel!! So glad we got to see Akarsha and Noelle continue their shenanigans. Thank you for this gift!


more sequels please


*yo spoilers ahead for like the whole game but especially ch3*

Ok I need to elaborate on how mind-bending this is as someone whose family also hailed from an East Asian country (albeit still living in Asia). I've got it so much like what Noelle experienced that I had to stop at a few points because my head was absolutely reeling.

The housewife mom who has no friends to balance her resulting in a caustic personality? Having to be the language middleman for the parents? The struggle to speak the language when visiting? The grandparents/relatives I can barely communicate with and thus the dilemma of whether to start or upkeep the relationships at all? The visits to the columbarium as a kid with no idea what to say or do? The extreme kick to the ego when shopkeepers don't understand your mangled mother tongue? The surprise that the 7-11 is so much better over there? The ennui of wondering if we never left, would I be a happier and more well-adjusted person?? All of the above???

(It's also a freaking coinkydink that I also happened to have a cousin there exactly like Chun Hua with a less-than-common English name, is like me but much more outgoing, is much much closer to my extended family and wanted to study in America)

TL;DR chapter 3 went for my kneecaps. In fact all the chapters did. PPKM blasted a hole in my lungs all the way to the end, and Diya and Min were so cute I wanted to kick my wall down and scream. Shout-out to Akarsha's self deprecatory thoughts which are both 'lol i do that' and 'yikes' at the same time.

Standing ovation to you Brianna, this was clearly a game filled with passion and lived experiences, and an extremely satisfying amount of not-being-straight. I'm one of the ones who were quaking in my boots for years for the sequel and it is all I ever wanted and more (sans kneecaps). Whatever comes next for you, I'm sure you'll 110% blow it out of the water! 

I've got no champagne so I raise as a toast, a slice of apple from the bowl of fruit my mother cut for me. 


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goddddddddd.

I could write the length of 100 essays on how good this game is. And I'm not quite sure if that's an exaggeration.

the first game was life-altering to me. The game just stood out sooooo much. It was my favorite game of all time. It was soo gay. The characters are sooo good. The writing was soooooooooo good.

this. this improved upon perfection. The first game was magical to me because of the gay and nostalgic and funny and deeply relatable vibes. This game added onto that with much deeper and more nuanced looks at everybody's personalities. It really is a work of art.


Every theme in this hits so hard. Noelle straight up psychoanalyzed me in the first hour of the game, to an almost uncanny degree. All the themes about being your own person, embracing your quirks. The speech in the pre-credits ending. All of the themes around people affecting who you are. All the beautiful answers to questions we scream into the void. 

It just all merged into one unbelievably powerful piece of work. It all just spoke to my soul. I'm not even Asian-American and yet this game spoke to me deeper than any other game I've ever played, by a long shot... absolutely well done. Thank you so much, Brianna. Standing ovation.

also. liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


im so sad i finished it 

also it may or may not be about midnight lmao

honestly, same



"china/taiwan relations" somehow i don't think this game is gonna talk about the white terror lol

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An absolute delight! Somehow even better than the first!

Yeah finally 2!


Very wholesome. Very gay. Feels nostalgic, especially being a teenager grappling with sexuality and gender in to late 00s.

OMG BUTTERFLY SOUP 2! It came out earlier than I expected! So excited to see how it turns out, good work Brianna <33



Butterfly soup 2 is finally out!! will it become available to IOS soon??? I sadly haven't played yet- i don't have any android devices and really want to play! i hope it comes to IOS so i can do so. I've seen the trailer and i love it sooo much!!!



That ending. My heart feels so full. How I yearn for a love like that. In the end, I just want someone to love and be loved. God please let this all be worth it in the end. I want to be happy someday with someone who loves me. This sequel hit hard in every way. They used my life as inspiration fr the falling in love with your friend and hiding your feelings feeling like death itself but also a new unknown kind of happy, the complex relationship with parents, gender, learning to accept yourself. I feel so understood. Thank you.


gay is bad


Agreed, too much mental illness today and everyone is raised getting groomed or in broken homes


yet here you are, among us 


i know right? cant we just like, choose to stop being gay bro?




Just finished playing it on Android and I teared up at the final scene!

The only point of disappointment is that we never really got a confirmation about Diya being demi.


I'm all 4 of these girls.
whether it's in how I act around people, how in my relationships with my parents. i'm all 4 of them


u sure allem are girls? you funny.

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oh fuck, you are right
I forgot about Min and their pronouns and transition when I wrote this 😭
sorry about that

Damn, me too

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so good i stood up and clapped

yess i've been so excited for this!¡

When I saw that the second part came out I almost exploded with joy! Re-experiencing what I felt a couple of years ago with the first one was the most refreshing and moving feeling of all. I cannot put into words the impact that feeling understood had on my mind, seeing realities so well represented and dialogues that sometimes sincerely made me want to let go of everything I had kept quiet about, it is so important to feel safe, understood and loved. I adore this game and I love that everything flows naturally and at its own pace, without ever losing that unique touch that characterizes the game :)

Finally! I've waited for this game for so long TwT

Thank you for continuing to make it <3

Hey, so is there a way to change the controls on hiding the user interfacee? I need to for a thumbnail

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It's not currently possible to hide the UI in the game! The game's art assets are available here if you need background/sprite art without the textbox in the way

It 404'd

Oops sorry! Fixed the link

It 404’d again! 😭

🤦‍♂️ my bad, it should work for real now


yes i have loved butterfly soup 1 and I'm so happy to play this thank you so much


I especially enjoyed the smartphones parts, they feel so flowly and natural. Did a lot of stuff like that. And I also was the goofy person trying to get the serious smart girl intention :3


I love this game so much! I've actually made a thematical Spotify playlist for each character if someone would like to check it out :)

Enjoy <3

Can you romance the characters? sorry, stupid question,


More like the characters romance each other and you get to watch in glee

i would love to see like them coming out to their parents tbh


Fair, although I am not sure that’s a particularly good idea for most of them. Maybe when they are older, as in no longer financially dependant on them. In Min’s case I doubt she cares to tell them; Diya’s mom has been openly homophobic; with Noelle’s parents it’s hard to predict, though considering their narrow life trajectory for Noelle, I doubt they’d be overly supportive; and apparently Akarsha’s parents probably have figured out something is up anyway, so maybe hers could work. Frankly I suspect they would love to see Akarsha with the polite and responsible Noelle.

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